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2006-08-05 Dublin, Ohio Irish Festival

reviewed by Janet and sent in by Barb :-)


On Saturday afternoon, Janet arrived early at the festival around 2:00. The lads being scheduled for 5:00 gave her a chance to see some of the other groups performing.


It was a hot sunny day in Dublin, Ohio, with temperatures around the mid 90s. The lads wore black jackets, t-shirts and slacks. As the lads came bounding up the steps to the stage singing `Ireland's Call' James immediately took off his jacket and by the end of the song, Matthew and Daryl had also wisely rid themselves of theirs.

I gather that Matthew did most of the talking from the stage and started by introducing himself, James, Daryl, David and Donna and saying where each was from in Ireland.

Janet was very impressed by their interaction with and their attentiveness to the audience as they laughed, pointed, nodded and joked throughout their appearance.

Here is the list of songs performed by the lads:

Ireland's Call
Spanish Lady
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go
You Raise Me Up
of the County Down
(by Donna) - Janet mentioned what a lovely voice Donna has, a beautiful lyric soprano, particularly for one so young.
Wild Rover - Matthew said this song was written by a silent monk - Janet laughed but said most of the audience didn't get the joke.

At this point Matthew said that the next song was their first time performing it in public and that it was about a wild goat. The song, sung in Irish, is, An Poc Ar Buile. After they sang this James asked the audience, "Now did everyone understand that?" to much laughter.

Fields of Athenry
Whiskey in the Jar
Remember Me (they dedicated this to all the servicemen and got a cheer)

The next song was in Janet's words "The most gorgeous Danny Boy I have ever heard", sung of course a cappella. It's actually a song that Janet isn't too fond of, but their version really impressed her. The audience must have been excited too as they gave the lads a standing ovation - out of all the groups Janet heard, this was the only standing ovation she witnessed.

The finale of their 1 hour appearance was Time To Say Goodbye.

Before leaving the stage they announced that they would be doing a 7 month tour shortly.

Next the lads did a signing of CDs, programs and flyers. I should mention that this was the first time Janet had attended a CT concert and although she didn't get a chance to chat with Daryl, she did have a lovely time talking with James and Matthew.

James apologized for only doing Irish songs but Janet reassured him that this is what one is supposed to do at an Irish festival. She was delighted with their vocal talents and equally delighted at how very, very nice and personable they are with the fans. She mentioned that the particular area where the lads performed was jammed pack, estimating about 1500 or so.

At one time Janet was involved in running a public relations agency and among their clients were some very high powered politicians. She spoke of how the politicians would `work an audience' at meetings and fund raisers. She said she now knows there are 3 Irish guys who could give some of those politicians some lessons. :-))

At this point I want to say, thanks Janet, for reporting in. I'm thrilled you were finally able to see and enjoy the lads and now you know why we like them so much.

hugs, Barb (and Janet)