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2013 - Dutch Tour

reviewed by Ali

Impossible to review this last Dutch Tour.
SO different and even better than last year.
Colm not just on piano...

Glad Annie and Ute already reviewed Heerenveen and Oss.

Annie, sorry that we didn't talk. On my way home I realized that I saw you...
You wrote the song list later, but even for those who attended a concert later, it wasn't a problem as they changed things almost every night.
Some songs appeared every night (same or different order), but most nights had surprises.

Ute, your review was great as always. I'll comment on this one to start.
I loved to spend time with you and Uli. It was too long ago.
You didn't mention the mill we visited :-) A pity that it didn't work. We were too late for seeing that.
And yes the weather was pretty good. When we started in Lelystad it was very windy and cold. Of course it is always windy in Lelystad.

It WAS good to have Brian on this tour again.

The 'horse jokes' were in every show somewhere.

Glad that Ute was at a show where James sang 'Gortnamona' He sang 'Wild mountainside' at other shows.

I would love to find 'The Dutchman' on a new CD...
Heard that song before by others. Must say that this was the first time that 'Zuiderzee' was pronounced well.
They just sing it in The Netherlands...wonder why...they don't sing 'The Irish rover' only in Ireland!

Seeing the guys 'dancing' is always fun. Sometimes Daryl didn't get all the applause he wanted...James clearly showed how satisfied he was then.

I heard 'Fare thee well' at the very first concert I attended. Sure, it is different now with Daryl. Daryl behind the piano and Colm at keyboard. In another show Matthew showed how small that keyboard is.

' At least Christel made it to sing the refrain of 'Red Rose cafe' in German at the end of 'her tour' ( 8 concerts).

'I'll walk with God' IS beautiful. Heard it before when Daniel Rodriguez sang it. And have it on CD from Ronan Tynan and Finbar Wright.
First time the guys sang it in the church/theatre in Helmond. Appropriate of course, but I was happy to hear it at other concerts too.
In Middelburg this song was, among others, dedicated to us.

As I said before, we started in a cold, windy Lelystad. We ended in Middelburg with real warm weather.

In Harderwijk, where we met Heike and Axel, it also was windy. When we met again in Enschede, the weather was good. Here we celebrated Axel's birthday. The guys sang 'Happy birthday' for him at the M&G.

In Franeker we had a first floor hotel room with a roof terrace. Here we had a BYO drink after the concert. Without coats or whatever.

Travelling was not too bad. Madeleine's husband drove us to venues not too far from home.
The longest trip was from Franeker to Middelburg. 5 hours by train.

Christel's 'tour' started in Helmond. As a rule I try to write when I'm home in between concerts. As Christel stayed at my place, I did not. Last time we met was in Germany last November. Much time needed for talking :-)

I grabbed or got (thanks Colm) most of the song lists. Think the easiest way to write down the songs is in alphabetical order.

- All out of love
It was the first encore at the first show. One of the tenors told me that is was just for that concert. Not true. we heard it most nights. Sometimes Brian also sang a line.

- An cailín rua
The song with a lovely tune about a not so nice lady. At least she made her choice!

- Better
No jokes about ages (Colm and Brian). Just about the troubles in Ireland and that it is better now.

- Caledonia
- Danny boy
- Dimming of the day
the sang it several times. Still one of my favourites.

- Fare thee well
Feels like home
Finnegan's wake
- Fionghuala
- Galileo
Love this one more and more.

- Going home
On the next CD, please.

- Hard times
I'll walk with God
- The Irish rover
Always a surprise what Matthew is going to say: 'Splash' or something else.

- La danza
- La donna č mobile
Not just women are fickle!

- Libiamo
The last official song of the night. We thought we must do something at the last show. We bought glasses (couldn't take them from home as we were travelling) and Prosecco. When James did the 'thanks for light etc., we opened the bottle and filled the glasses. At the intro we offered the tenors a glass. Someone thought we were part of the act :-)

- The mad lady and me
- Nessun dorma
Just once!

- No frontiers
-Red rose cafe
-Red-haired Mary
- Remember me
- Rocky road to Dublin
The new song. Love it. James wrote on FB about the many words in it. Once I found this somewhere on the internet:
The type of tune, a so-called slip jig, makes the song extremely hard to sing properly. Instead of a short break after every couple of lines the song is just one great mess of words with only a few opportunities to scoop some air. As a result the rhyme scheme gives you nothing to go on and you might find yourself gasping on the floor if you try to sing along.
So if you really want to sing The Rocky Road to Dublin you have to make sure that your heart is filled with the words, preferably in the correct order, and your lungs with air. In fact, the majority of the musicians in pubs acknowledge their inability to finish this song in an appealing manner and play the instrumental version instead (leaving the failure to their singing audience).
- Santa Lucia
Heard the guys sing it with Dervish at Christmas concerts in Ireland. Now with Colm on guitar it is so lovely.

- She moved through the fair
- Shenandoah
- Spanish lady
- Suo gan
- The Dutchman
- The holy city
- Time to say goodbye
- Westering home
Whiskey in the jar
- Wild mountainside
- Wild rover
- You raise me up.

I keep saying that we are privileged and lucky that the guys do so many concerts in such a small country.