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2013-09-20 a message from James

PLEASE forgive me for not having been in touch.

Thank you for MANY MANY birthday wishes!

Really, you are all so sweet,. and so supportive, and it means a lot - it really does!

We head away to Doha and Bahrain early next week and are looking forward to that..... Licienne, I will be sparing a thought for your son on a ship anchored somehwere off Syria as we pass overhead. What different lives, eh? Hope he is home soon, and that Mr Assad has sense and stops his aggression soon also. Dreadful!

We have a few things in Ireland when we come back and a few corporates....UCD...... Monte Carlo is a private cruise on a very small ship for just a few people!!

Also, you will notice that Colm Rogan has left us..... and we have secured the services of an INCREDIBLE musician in the form of Vincent Lynch (Vinnie!) who was a singer, but plays MAGNIFICENTLY. He is contracted until Christmas anyway, so many of you will get to hear him, and meet him.....We have had some rehearsals already,. and he has really been whipping us into shape. Doha is his first concert with us! He is astoundingly good. I hope he stays a long time with us.....but as you all know MDs come and go!

Anyway......just thought you'd like to know that.

The German tour is now in November 2014 we are told.....sorry!

There are TWO Dutch tours in 2014.....

and much more besides!

Talk again soon.

Thanks again for my lovely warm fuzzy birthday greetings.....

And love to each and every one of you!