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2013-08-13 a message from James

I have been meaning to write to you over the last month or so to let you know some news.

I thought I would first send you an email to let you know that, like several of our previous Musical Directors/Accompanists over our 14 year history, Colm has decided to move on to pastures new.

Colm is only 23 (nearly 24!) and unlike some of us, he has his whole life ahead of him. While I think he is perhaps undecided about his immediate career direction (but I may be wrong), he has definitely decided to end his time with the Celtic Tenors.

Colm's undoubted talent, and flair, vibrancy, popularity, sense of humour and fun, winning personality, even-more-winning smile and twinkle in his eye of course will all be missed by each of us. But of course the three of us, and I am sure each and every single one of you would like to wish Colm well in whatever his immediate plans are, and for his future. We hope that of course we will remain in touch, and stay friends.

You may have noticed that we have been working once again with our friend Gavin Murphy (a cool individual who we are very fond of, as well as of his great orchestrations on "Feels like home")..... but for now, no appointment has been officially made. Colm Henry is in his final year of college, and has said he'd love to help out on occasion, but we are talking to lots of folk.....and of course should anything become official, we will let you all know immediately!

So it's Goodbye to Colm for now, and THANK you for breathing life into the Celtic Tenors during your years with us, and see you soon we hope!

All the best,
James and the guys.

PS. Daryl has just announced on Facebook that our "Songs of Praise" from the Waterfront is to be aired on BBC on August 11th.