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2013-07-19 a message from James

PLEASE forgive me for not having been in touch.....I am a BAD tenor. Sorry

The first two weeks of July are normally Kenya time, and holiday time for all of us, and this year was not much different, though I didn't go to Kenya. Hope to definitely go again in 2014.

Matthew and Daryl and wives etc have just returned from their holidays abroad, and as those of you on Facebook will know, I hung around Ireland. Despite a few really lovely day-trips in spectacular Irish summer sun, and a lovely weekend on my beloved Inishmore (Aran Islands), most of my time was spent in Sligo with family.

The reason is that Dad, who is now 86, has begun to age rather rapidly, and his dementia has become more pronounced, and he has been suffering from massive seizures, which every time they happen, he has been brought to Sligo General Hospital in an ambulance (where he is now) and has to spend several weeks rehabilitating, and getting his balance again. At the moment, he is not too bad, though he has confused days, and as he is profoundly deaf and almost totally blind, life has without doubt changed for him. At the moment, myself and Linda are discussing what to do with him long-term, and there is no doubt that some sort of care is now definitely the only option.

Anyway.....I thought I'd keep you in the loop. I have not put anything on Facebook..... one or two of you knew a little about this, but I thought it was important to fill you all in.

I will write more soon I hope, and hopefully it will be a little more positive. He is 86, so things like this happen I suppose. Also, it has been a wonderful summer to spend in Ireland, as we have had pretty much a heatwave now for about a month. Perhaps Licienne and Robin have shared pics with you from Facebook, and if not, please feel free to do so, from my hillwalk at Glendalough yesterday, or my trip to Inishmurray last week in Sligo, or my Aran break?

Talk more soon.
Love to each and every one of you,