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2013 - Yahoo Anniversary Greetings

from James :-)

Hi Everyone......PLEASE FORGIVE ME!
My excuse is that I was learning two different programmes for Kenya concerts, in Kiltegan and in Kenmare..... it's a little scary sometimes not having Daryl and Matthew alongside in those situations, obviously I had Colm playing for Kiltegan which was great. Both concerts went very well, and did what was necessary. I am very happy to report that we wanted to raise enough to put one of Cheryl's kids into University to do a degree, and we got enough in Kenmare to do it. Dominic Odanga is SO HAPPY to be starting a degree in Hotel Management and Catering! We are happy too. The other concert was in aid of "Dream Children's Home" and the Church Roof in Kiltegan, but I will be able to send Rachel a nice amount of money this week.... All good.
ANYWAY.......Belated Happy Anniversary to everyone in this special Club. I always remember that it was May 2002, as it was just after Mum died 11 years ago. So Happy 11th Everyone, and thanks for your lovely messages Barb, Heather, Anja, Maggie Mae, Linda and Gary, Glenda, Karen, and Moni - 50 years really? You think? The Geriatric Tenors I think, or even the Dead Tenors? Lovely idea though.
So many things have happened in the 11 years....albums, TV Specials, change in line-up as Barb said, low moments like the passing of Veronika (still can't really believe that), but all in all - a lovely special warm welcoming group of people who have only been supportive and positive at all times. So THANK YOU ALL! Sincerely.
I will try to be better..... I know Facebook has kind of taken over, but we mustn't forget where it all started.
And finally, a huge vote of thanks to Barb, Heather, Anja, Rianne, Beate and many others.
Love to each and every one of you!