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2013-04-22 a message from James

It has been a while....
I have somewhat neglected the club, and I apologise....

This is just a little hi to you all from our Dutch tour, which seems to be going well. I always love this tour, as we can have fairly normal lives, as we have our lovely little self-catering eco-bungalows in the lovely National Park setting at Landal. I am supposed to be swimming every day, but we are also driving quite a bit of the distances ourselves. So we tend to sleep in a bit, and slob about a little..... not good. But still, all very enjoyable really. The crowds have all been lovely, and of course every night we tend to have a couple of familiar faces in the front row..... who claim that every night is different, and we are beginning to believe that actually. And we have several new songs in the set too.... maybe Ali, Rianne and others have said which ones? There are a few in the set at the moment I really love..... like "The Dutchman", "An Cailin Rua", "Fare thee well", and "Rocky Road"....

So we just have 3 more shows to go, and that is it..... then we have a little gig to go do, and home on April 30th/May 1st I think.

Anyway.... I hope you're all really well, and I just wanted to say a very long-overdue "Hi"!

So, love to each and every one of you,