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2012-12 Lafayette

reviewed by Linda & Gary

Okay after 4 1/2 hours I have finally finished the review. You are recieving it unedited as I have certain friends who are antsy to read it. I have slept two nights since the concert so have had time to lose thoughts or allowed my mind to wonder. Oh well, here goes, enjoy.

After the usual theater announcements the director of the Long Center for the Performing Arts raised his voice and said "please welcome the Celtic Tenors!"

Smiling as they entered and pointing to Glenda they took their places on the stage. Our favorite men started the concert with "The Star of the County Down". Looking handsome in their gray suits and dark ties (with the exception of James in a lavender tie) they introduced themselves. James commented on being in Lafayette because of the persistence of Glenda. He likened her to a dog with a bone and was awarded with laughter and Glenda nodding her head. Matthew mentioned that he was a farm boy and enjoyed seeing all tractors and combines as they traveled here in the Midwest. Daryl quipped "whatever turns you on Matt". When Daryl said that he was from Omagh in County Tyrone there was alone clap from the audience; a bit startled but with a quick wit Daryl said "oh is my mother here?" Daryl then went on to say "we are the Celtic Tenors; imagine that, tenors that sing Celtic, classical and contemporary music. At this point Matthew interjected a little bit of country and James quickly spouted a little bit of rock'n'roll. Daryl then told the audience the jokes only get worse.

Mentioning their most recent album was the lead in to "Feels Like Home" and followed by the animated "Red Haired Mary". The audience showed their appreciation and in case I don't remember to mention it again, it was a wonderful audience awarding the lads with extended applause after each song.

Matthew talked about a song they had wanted to sing but traditionally was sung only by women, including his sister. After pouring over the words they realized it was totally a man's song so we were entertained with "She Moves through the Fair" a Cappella.

"La Donna e Mobile", so full of elegant ease and striking rhythm was introduced in translation as all women are fickle. Now ladies I think we should take exception to that. Darned if I can remember what was said but I do remember Daryl dropping the coat off of his shoulders and grinning. I guess we will leave it to the imagination.

The next song, composed by Father Joseph Mohr in 1816 was sung in Switzerland during World War I. With mention of Switzerland Daryl couldn't help himself and yodeled. After his little outburst the mood changed to hushed reverence as we heard "Silent Night" in English, Gaelic and its original language of German. The song was accompanied by Colm on the guitar. He played with his eyes closed as if drawing in the silent power of the music and letting it out on the strings. "O Holy Night" was sung with heartfelt emotion and expressive facial gestures.
Leaving Christmas music for a while Matt talked about how 30 years ago they wouldn't have been on stage together. Of course, James had to mention that Colm would have been negative seven. He spoke of how they were all from different parts of the country which you tell by their accents. Matt spoke of Ireland being healed and the audience applauded. So getting back to Irish music we were treated to the street song "I'll Tell Me Ma".

James went to the piano and Colm picked up the guitar. James said that the next song was for Glenda who had faced hardship and sorrow over the past year. So this evening was all about Glenda. He dedicated "Wild Mountainside' in her honor. Glenda and her whole family were moved by the tribute.

Next we were given the history of a song to keep the rhythm of work at a steady pace and to relieve monotony. The song with no instruments but mouth music was "Fionnghuala". After a couple of verses Matthew said, "are you following so far" and getting laughter while James warned there were 97 more verses, and more laughter.

The raucous "Finnegan's Wake" with all the familiar shenanigans was finished with Daryl's high kick. Someone complained that lady in the audience tried to speed up the pace by tenfold.
To close the end of the first set we were reminded of all the men and women serving their countries and away from home. Then "Remember Me' was dedicated to them. The Tenors slipped back stage to a standing ovation.

At this point we looked around to see about how many were in attendance. The theater seats 1190 and we guessed it was three quarters full. Hopefully that is enough to warrant a return engagement in the future.

The guys returned a little more relaxed but Daryl kept on a tie. The second half of the concert went back to Christmas music. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" was followed by "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". The audience was asked to sing and by golly I think every one of them did. Matt whistled just like Bing Crosby used to do. Daryl said that this was the best audience in Indiana (now don't get too excited, it is the only audience in Indiana). There goes our funny man again.

Shubert's" Mille Cherubini in coro" a lullaby to the baby boy was sung next. The Medieval song performed in Latin and a cappella was "Gaudete". The audience was told to ask Colm at the meet and greet for the translation, much to his surprise. I wonder if anyone did. The final Christmas number was the popular children's song "Away in a Manger".

Returning to a song on the most recent album we heard Gary's favorite "Galileo" for which Matthew dedicated to his lovely wife Celestine who has to stay home with the little angels. I believe there was mention of CD's being sold and them making great Christmas gifts. At this point James said "I give them to myself every year".

James then told the story of being snowed in the Regina Airport and a television crew being there. The Tenors were asked if they would sing a song so in good humor they sang "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere". You should have seen Colm tickle the piano keys as he bounced and swayed to the music. That boy really knows how to let the music flow from the fingers tips. We always enjoy the guys whistling too. Daryl seems to like ending songs with flair because he finished Jimi Hendrix style. Maybe he just wanted his new guitar to be noticed. A funny thing about his guitar, James mentioned no one on Facebook could tell what was different about Daryl's picture. Someone told us James had a new shirt so of course he had to drop his jacket off his shoulders and model it. I'll tell you the guys will do anything for a laugh, and ot always works.

Daryl introduced a Tom Baxter song. This is another song that my Gary likes to sing. I bet the Tenors didn't realize they had competition. Anyway another song we love, "Better".
Going home to the Hebrides can be heard through the Irish Scottish song "Westering Home". I have so many songs I enjoy but I think every song on the "Feels Like Home CD" is a favorite. I'm glad we got to hear a few live. There's nothing better than watching as listening, feeling not only hearing the music and gathering up an inner glow to keep burning in the memory. All of these sensations shared with friends heighten the experience.

Changing moods "Spanish Lady" was sung while some creative dance moves were displayed including the moon walk and twirl. Poor James was made fun of, it seems he was in the running for Dancing with the Stars and lost to someone named Palin. The audience laughed as sad James pouted.

It seems where ever the guys perform someone asks why they don't sing anything from Wales. There was some mention of a famous Welshman and one of the ladies behind me went gaga over the name Tom Jones. I won't point fingers but she shares my name. Anyway the Tenors sang in Welsh the lullaby "Suo Gan".

The final official song was announced. The Tenors thanked all in the theater to make the show a success and especially to Tim Donahue their tour manager this trip. The audience was then asked if they wanted to sing opera with an astounding yes. We were given instructions to sing mmmm the first time and ahhh the second. We must have been a very good choir because no fat lady died (just a little humor for you concert goers). We all enjoyed "Nessun Dorma". Again our Tenors left the stage to a standing ovation and cheers. They did return to sing "All Out of Love" delivering roses and encouraging anyone with a light or candle app on their phone to wave it in the air. After Daryl returned from giving away a rose and sneaking in behind Colm to tap on the high note piano keys, he pointed out and said "it looks like ET in the back?" Big smiles and bows were seen before an invitation to meet and greet and an exit from the stage
I know that reviews are not as good as being there but hopefully this will help you until you can get to your next concert and re-energize. Well guys, I'm energized and full of happy.
Some comments I heard;

1. I felt they were singing to me, there was no one else around; they have a real connection with the audience.
2. Their connection to the audience is a genuine gift, something that can't be manufactured.