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2012-10-17 NCH Dublin

reviewed by Rianne

For lack of a better term or a Mary Poppins to invent one for me, "out of this world" is the only way I can come up with to describe this evening's concert at the NCH - and trust me when I tell you it's an understatement.
The tenors & Deirdre, Colm, the string quartet, the drummer and Martin Quinn on guitar, and last but definitely not least the venue and its gorgeous acoustics all added up to an absolutely perfect night.
This concert is currently on No. 1 of my Top 5 of favourites (and I am not just counting CT concerts there...) and it's going to be VERY hard to top it.

Let's start with the set list. :)

- La Donna è Mobile
- Feels Like Home
Red-Haired Mary
- She Moved Through The Fair
- Barcarolle (with Deirdre)
- Crucán Na bPáiste (Deirdre solo)
- Funiculì Funiculà
- The Pearl Fisher's Duet
- The Wild Mountainside
- The Star of the County Down
Heaven (with Deirdre)
- Lay Down Sally
- Remember Me


- Going Home
A Love So Beautiful
- You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
- Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Deirdre solo)
- Song For Bernadette (Deirdre with the tenors)
- Galileo
- Westering Home
- Spanish Lady/Marie's Wedding
- Suo Gan
- Nessun Dorma
- All Out Of Love
Time To Say Goodbye

- James used his introduction to brag about the fact that the Sligo Rovers had won the League of Ireland last Saturday.
- In between songs, the guys talked about (among others) their recent trip to China, and the fact that Matthew would eat anything off a chicken the way the Chinese did (including the heads!).
- Deirdre first joined the guys for "Barcarolle", and then sang "Crucán Na bPáiste" from her latest album on her own. She then joined them again for a spine-tingling rendition of Bryan Adams' "Heaven" and (after the interval) sang the wonderful "old" favourite "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" as a solo and the brand new "Song for Bernadette" with the guys. I'll immediately admit I'm about as prejudiced as can be, but "Heaven" and "Song for Bernadette" in particular were an 11 out of 10.
- After "Funiculì Funiculà", Daryl went to grab his guitar, only to put it back again when he heard James introduce "The Pearl Fisher's Duet". Not sure which song he thought they were going to sing, but it caused the first serious giggles of the evening! ;)
- The second time happened during the intro of "Suo Gan" (which they sang without microphones, with a few Welsh guests in the audience, no less!)  Daryl missed his cue and needed Colm to repeat it.
- The singing along to "Nessun Dorma" was a little different this time: during the first chorus, the audience was instructed to hum, and during the second, they had to do the goat without lips thing.
- After Daryl and James had walked out during "All Out of Love" and Matthew had done his "lonely little boy" routine (inviting the audience to sing with him), James returned to the stage with Deirdre (she sang the final bit of the song with them) and Daryl all but pushed Colm off his piano chair as he sat next to him.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot, and even more sure that Lord Harding's review (if he has time to write one) will blow mine out of the water anyway, but I did my best for now. Also added a few pics to the 2012 Europe and Ireland folder. :)

Now can I rewind tonight and see it again??