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2012-08-10 Cohasset MA

reviewed by Betty

Wendy and I had a great time at the Celtic Tenors concert at the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset, MA on Friday night. Getting there was a challenge, though. A tornado warning and heavy thunderstorms were predicted in the area that evening. We did not have any tornados, but we did encounter heavy downpours of rain with street flooding on the way to the venue. Fortunately, it had stopped raining by the time we arrived.

The Music Circus is a large tent with the stage in the center that revolves slowly during the concert. This way the performers do not have their backs to the same people during the whole concert. The tenors did move around during many of their songs.

The opening act was Ronan Tynan who was very good. We enjoyed his performance very much. He sang many familiar songs including Ride On, Leonard Cohens Hallelujah, Wild Mountain Thyme (Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go), Danny Boy, Red is the Rose, When You Were Sweet Sixteen, Over the Rainbow, and Grace. His piano player and back-up singer, William Lewis, also did 2 solos. Ronan apparently now lives in Scituate, MA, the next town over from Cohasset.

After the intermission, the lads and Colm came bounding out on stage and started with Ill Tell Me Ma. The rest of the song list is as follows:
" Feels Like Home
Finnegans Wake
" She Moved Through the Fair
" Funiculi, Funicula  This was for any Italians in the audience.
" Remember Me  dedicated as always to service men and women all over the world. I never get tired of this song. They also mentioned that they had sung this song with Phil Coulter at this same venue before, around 2002 or so.
" You Aint Goin Nowhere  the party song with Daryl on guitar.
" Westering Home  with Daryl on guitar
" Star of the County Down
Nella Fantasia  this seemed to be a different arrangement than on the CD. Colm was notably outstanding on the accompaniment.
" Spanish Lady/Maries Wedding  with dancing!! James messed up his part which was funny. Matthew is a very good dancer. Daryl was moonwalking.
" Shenandoah  Very beautiful! Another one of my favorites.
" Nessum Dorma  with the usual audience participation that everyone seemed to enjoy.
" Im All Out of Love - the expected encore which included the audience singing along. They passed out roses, and James gave me one. I was thrilled! Thank you, James!! Daryl decided to give his rose to a lady across the orchestra pit which involved climbing down a portable staircase into the orchestra pit, dragging the staircase over to the other side, climbing up the staircase, and then climbing over the railing to reach her. He was also singing during this whole time. He had to come back the same way. James, Matthew, and the audience found it very funny. We gave him a big round of applause after he got back on stage.

There was the Meet and Greet afterwards, and Wendy and I got a chance to meet Karen and Patty which we enjoyed. It was good to put faces on other fan club members. Karen and Patty will be attending the Celtic Tenors concert in Hyannis on Sunday evening. Please post a review for everyone. We enjoyed talking with the lads and meeting Colm for the first time. He shared a few secrets about the lads which I wont repeat. I also noticed that he played the music off of his I-Pad during the concert. This was the first time I had ever seen that done. It sure saves on carrying a lot of sheet music around. I was very impressed with his playing during the concert.

Unfortunately, the evening ended too soon, in my opinion. No one could explain why they were singing in Massachusetts on Friday and Sunday, but singing in New Jersey on Saturday. Thats a lot of driving, in my opinion. I cant wait for them to come back to the area. This venue is very nice and close to my home. You can get very close to the performers (we were in the third row), but all of the seats are good.

I have sent some pictures to Barb for posting. I hope you like them. This review is getting long so I will end it. James hinted at a new CD, but no details were revealed. I hope that comes out soon, also. Have a good tour in the US and come back soon!