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2012 UK Tour

reviewed by Penny & Dermot

For months we were checking the CTs' website for the "UK Tour" locations  but eventually realised that the only UK concert this year was the one in Truro! So, did we want to see our lovely Tenors this year? Did we want to go to Truro?

For those of you in North America, or even Europe, or even Ireland, travelling longer distances doesn't seem to be a problem, but for some of us less-adventurous beings who live in a small, congested island, a 250-mile drive is more of an undertaking (call us `wimps' if you will!!). But we decided that to make a `mini-break' of it and have a couple of days in Truro. Was it worth it? Oh, definitely. Truro is a lovely, small city with the most glorious displays of flowers at every turn, a lovely cathedral, and superb scenery, spectacular coastal views and beaches all around  and seagulls who squawk ALL night to keep you awake!!

Ah yes, and then there was the concert on Saturday night  how could we forget that? The guys were in great form, seemingly refreshed from their holidays, and they seemed to be really relaxed, with lots of jokes and fun. As has been indicated by some of the comments on Facebook, the audience was not too large, but they made up for it in quality, and as the evening proceeded, they grew more and more responsive and enthusiastic and the CTs really won them over. We think they created quite a lot of new fans that night.

They sang many of the usual songs, including (in no particular order) I'll Tell Me Ma, Going Home, Red-Haired Mary, Silent Sunlight, Better, She Moved Through the Fair, The Wild Mountainside, Dimming of the Day, Suo Gan, Westering Home, Lay Down Sally, Finnegan's Wake, Granada, The Star of the County Down, Fionnghuala, and of course, Nessum Dorma, Remember Me and All Out of Love. For us it was the first time we have heard and seen them sing The Holy City and Galileo live, both amazing, and they also sang The Pearl Fishers Trio (the CT's version of The Pearl Fishers Duet!). Colm just seems to get better and better, as pianist, MD and member of the team. Another first for us was Colm on the guitar.

They came out to meet us all afterwards and, as a bonus, we had an impromptu version of Danny Boy  to great applause. It is so nice to be able to have a chat with them and we do appreciate that they give of themselves and their time so generously. All too soon, the concert was over, the meet and greet was over and the guys disappeared off to another engagement, but we returned to the hotel their songs in our hearts.

James invited the audience to attend the concerts in China, but sadly that is a bit TOO far for some of us, so we wish them every success and will have to be content with our memories of a fabulous evening in Truro.