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2012-04 Dutch Tour Diary Part III

reviewed by Ali

You don't HAVE TO read this. Not many news about the concerts itself. Song list mostly similar. But as some of you asked for part 3: here it is.
Didn't have much time to write and have to dig in my memory and the notes we made afterwards. That is not the problem, but as a rule I'll have associative memories. For instance: When one say `hartstikke dood' now, I always will hear Daryl's voice in my mind. Three years ago when the guys did the `gekke geit' (mad goat), The Dutch language part ended with `Precies' (meaning: exactly) by Daryl. Never realized before that so many people say that.
Glad they all know now the difference between 'gekke geit' and 'gekkigheid' (a bit joking).
James always starts the introduction in Dutch. First time we heard that it was just one line. Now it is much more. Wonder when he will do the whole part in Dutch :-). Matthew's 'Je vindt jezelf zo slim' (You think you're smart) is so nice to hear.

I left you on Sunday evening. Tried to sleep a bit longer on Monday morning. Didn't really work.
On Monday afternoon I went to a station near by the place where I live to pick up Christel. We didn't see each other since the Dutch Tour in 2011. Ok, we mail and call, but that is different. Those who are on FB might have seen the present I got from her (a special pillow).
Tuesday Goor. We went there by train and Madeleine's husband came to take us home. The guys didn't know that Christel was coming, so it was a big surprise. I already told Christel what she could expect and explained some Dutch words the guys used. Without telling the joke itself of course.
In the meanwhile she also can say `hartstikke dood' like Dutch is her native tongue.
Fortunately James knee was much better. We all want to see him dance, don't we?
Three ladies behind us said that I have 'exotic' hair. That one was new. People like or dislike my hair. Once someone said 'mad hair', but exotic?!?!
Wednesday Eindhoven
Gabi thanks for reviewing this one.
In the afternoon we had an appointment with a former colleague of mine and his wife. They live in Eindhoven and it was a good opportunity to meet. Gaby and Klaus said 'hi' when we were with them. Maeve and John passed by, but didn't see us. Fortunately we met them later and (as you might have seen on a photo) had a drink after the show. At the theatre we met Andrea and Rainer. First time...Andrea, it was very nice that we now met in real life.

At the 'Thank you' part, the tour manager was mentioned. They guys told what he does for them. One of the things was 'wake us up'. Christel said "With a kiss?" She still has fun about that, because she thinks that the guys are blaming me for saying it. Of course it wasn't me! I am a quiet person ;-)
Sometimes we are glad that hotels are just for one night. Here we had rooms without windows! Sure, we survived, but no possibility of fresh air...
When we had a drink together, Maeve and John gave me information about Kenya. Guess everyone knows by now that I'll join the Kenyan Build Group in July?
John had to leave early, so Maeve joined us for breakfast next morning. See you in Kenya, Maeve.
Thursday Papendrecht
Nothing special on our way. Hotel was good.
What else to say about Papendrecht? Hope it were again people who enjoyed in silence. Couldn't really find out. At least one of them enjoyed afterwards loudly. While waiting for our taxi we heard CT music. It came from a car that drove away. The whole neighbourhood could hear it!
Friday Stadskanaal
Friday 13th!!! And a very long trip. By bus to Dordrecht - by train to Assen - by bus to Stadskanaal. Around 4,5 hours. And yes, something went wrong, so it was 5,5 hours!
In Papendrecht Colm complained about the travelling to Stadskanaal, but it is only around two hours by car from where they stayed!!!
We were in Stadskanaal before. Hotel, restaurant and theatre all annex. Great. There we met Heike and Axel. They were glad to see us (I had their tickets :-)) From there we had dinner all together every evening and of course a drink afterwards. We had lots of fun.
To check out next morning (my job), I put my suitcase at the right side of the desk. The others already went outside. When everything was done, I missed my suitcase. Ok, maybe one of the others took it outside. That happened before. suitcase there. Back into the hotel. Empty...besides an unknown smaller suitcase. Outside again. Fortunately I saw the people who checked out before me...with my suitcase! Run and shout! Wish you could have seen the man. He was around 65 years old, I think. How he blushed!!!
Saturday Delfzijl
Wow, travelling without luggage. Heike and Axel offered to take our luggage. Of course we accepted! Thanks again.
We met Silke and Astrid. We saw each other three years ago in Gorssel and in Emmen earlier this tour, but didn't talk then. Good we did now!
The encore mostly was 'All out of love'. Matthew encouraged everyone to switch on mobile phones, so they could see the lights. We decided to do it differently. We bought glow sticks to please them. Never ever did it before! We thought we bought 6 (3 for Delfzijl and 3 for Alkmaar). I already said that I never did it could I know there were 15 in every box. You can imagine what fun it was when we found out! But what to do with so many??? We used some in Delfzijl.
Extra encore 'I'll tell me ma'.
Sunday Alkmaar
Again travelling without luggage. Thought Alkmaar would have lots of restaurant open on Sunday. Not! Yes, in summer, but not in April. Fortunately there was an annex to the theatre with a table available.

Song list a bit different. James' solo was 'Summer of my dreams'. I heard it live in the concertgebouw in Amsterdam (2007), when he sang it for his father. Love that song SO much. Never thought I would hear it live again. Huge surprise indeed. Thanks for this special moment.
A guest appeared. Valerie sang 'The prayer' with Matthew. This replaced 'Galileo'.
The encore was 'Time to say goodbye'. We still had (a lot of) glow sticks. We decided to hand them out. Hopefully most of the receivers used it. Couldn't see as we were on first row.
During the interval I had a lovely chat with Elisabeth, Jane and Free, two of them from England and one from The Netherlands. Hardly had time to finish my drink, but it was good to talk with them about The Celtic Tenors and Kenya.
Thanks to the musicians who gave us the song list. Stage was too high to grab it myself :-)
Not sure in which venues the guys were given wine by the theatre. Anyway, Daryl tried to get more by hiding his bottle behind his back. Pity for him, no one gave him an extra bottle.

I can imagine that when you attend one concert you mainly look at the tenors, but it is lovely to have a close look at the musicians. Colm seems to have his own acting. Brian especially when he does percussion.

After the show we had a few more drinks. We needed to talk about the German Tour in October and the Dutch Tour in 2013. We weren't able to make real plans, because we don't have the dates yet. Let's say a kind of planning with lots of 'suppose', 'maybe' and 'who knows'.
Back at the hotel we said goodbye to Heike and Axel. We had to leave early, so we couldn't have breakfast together.

This 'tour' ended Monday morning when we had to say goodbye to Christel. At breakfast she gave me money for Kenya. Thanks Christel.

A few more comments about songs:
= Feels like home - Every CT concert makes me feel like home!
= Star of the County Down - Dedicated to the golfer Rory McIlroy every night. On 4 March 2012, he won the Honda Classic, which propelled him to number one in the world rankings. Two weeks later, he fell to number two. No need to tell that Rory is from Ireland :-)!
= Granada- From now on I'll always 'see' Matthew's right leg when I hear Granada.
= No Frontiers - Last time in Stadskanaal (2009), Daryl couldn't find the canals (he thought the name means 'City of canals'. Actually the name is from the (1) canal of the city (Groningen). He could have asked 'Wiki'. Now they had to drive the same 'rounds' again and again. That was told when they announced 'No frontiers'
= Silent Sunlight - Back in Alkmaar. Great for Christel. She didn't hear it before. Live, I mean.
= Galileo - Such a lovely song. A pity that it was gone in Alkmaar. Not for us, we heard it many times, but for those who attended just the Alkmaar concert.
= Westering Home - You could find us by listening. We were humming and singing this many times on our way to another concert.
I'm sure that I forgot to mention a lot. Nevertheless this is a pretty long story already.
Huge thanks to the tenors, Colm and Brian for wonderful concerts. We had a great time. We'll see them here in The Netherlands again in 2013. Not the whole tour, I guess. 18 concerts!


PS. I owe you an answer: The induction coil was invented by the great great great grand uncle of Colm!