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2012-04 Dutch Tour Diary Part II

reviewed by Ali

Please forgive me typing errors, misuse of words and so on. I really don't have time to find and correct them all now. Laundry is waiting and I must do some phone calls.

I ended part 1 by saying that I didn't hear the second on my top 3 list. Yesterday in Gouda I heard it. Ok, it seems that I asked for it? As far as I know I just told the guys that I missed `Dimming of the day' (that is the one I was talking about).

Back to IJmuiden. We stayed at the Prinsenhof hotel. A cosy hotel with 14 rooms. I choose it because it was not far from the theatre, so that we could walk. The owner (Rick) is from Amsterdam (where he also has a hotel). Next to the hotel he owns a small restaurant. When you don't know where it is, you can run by without seeing it. We had dinner there and it was great. He advised us one of the red wines, because he like that one himself. He was right. Delicious! The owner is the kind of guy that wants to give everyone a great time.

When we had a chat with the receptionist while checking in, she offered to drive us to the theatre. Very kind. She did and we were not allowed to pay. The next morning after breakfast we went to buy the receptionist flowers, but the flower shop wasn't open yet. Then we decided to buy her chocolates. She wasn't at work yet, but the owner promised to give it to her. When we came back, Rick offered us to make ourselves a take away lunch. We went to our room to pick up our stuff and when we came back downstairs the receptionist grabbed her car keys and she drove us to the train station, so that we didn't need a bus. At the station Madeleine found out that she lost her hand bag. We phoned the hotel, but it wasn't there. Maybe in the car? Later we heard that Rick was outside waiting and gesturing when she arrived. Luckily the handbag was in the car and she (again) drove to the station. That is service, isn't it? So if you ever need a hotel in IJmuiden, I can recommend this one.

Nothing special between IJmuiden and Gouda. We arrived at around 13.00. The weather was lovely. Lots of sun, so that we could spend time on a terrace. Love that! We checked how long the walk to the venue was (less than 6 minutes) and did some shopping. I phoned my mum to ask her to go to my local photo shop. I was there two weeks ago to talk about a new camera. The camera I had with me broke down in Emmen, so I need another one. As we go back home on Easter day, no possibility to shop as all shops are closed then. Tuesday morning I have an appointment, so I can't go shopping then either.

When we walked to the theatre we met Frieda and Chris. Good to see them again. I was too long ago.

The venue is lovely one and has a bar(!).

Holland is a small country, but the people's natures are very different. In IJmuiden people were very quiet, but I spoke to several who really enjoyed the show. In Gouda we saw slow starters. One man told me that he waited 10-15 minutes to decide if he liked it. He was very enthusiast and wants to see them again.

Song list was the same again, extra encore: Whiskey in the jar.

Chris, Frieda, Madeleine and I had a drink after the show and we had time to chat. I was so glad that the guys sang `Dimming' because I know that Frieda and Chris also love that song.

At one moment Frieda and I started to talk about Kenya. She was touched and gave the money she had with her to use it for the children in June/July. So sweet.

When they left, they live in The Hague, Madeleine and I had another wine. Then we realized that it became quiet. Oops, everyone, besides the staff, was gone!

The next day we had the concert in Den Helder. Somewhere near Utrecht there was an announcement that the train had to slow speed for around 2 kilometre, because something happened and relief workers were on the tracks. Mostly those announcements mean that someone suicidal jumped or something like that. What a relieve when we heard that is was because...a goat was on the tracks. Someone near us phoned to tell about the delay. He said why and burst out laughing. The one at the other side also had a delay. A sheep on the tracks!

We shared the platform with 5 brothers-in-law. They were going to Amsterdam for a daytrip. They had a lot of fun. One say that women talk much when they are together, That might be so, but these men talked so much and with more noise than women ever do!!! When they were going to leave the train we had a little chat. One of them asked if had my purse with me?!?! If so, I could join them. They were looking for a sponsor! Sorry, no time: a CT concert in Den Helder tonight.

In Den Helder we had the same hotel as we had two years ago. It seems that nothing changed. After we checked in, we went for lunch and shopping (just things we really needed). Then back to the hotel. Took a little rest (sometimes touring is tiring &#61514;) and that was it. I don't like Den Helder much. Long time ago (actually very long time ago) I worked there when I was in the navy. Didn't like the city then and, though a lot changed, I still don't like it.
The entrance of the venue and the hosts were perfect. The seats in the auditorium were good to sit at, but the slope of the floor was not good.

James had a problem with his knee, so the show was a little bit different. We noticed because we saw the other shows. The audience just noticed that he was `limping' a little bit. Well done, James. It must have been a hard performance.

Daryl seems to have a new favourite Dutch phrase: `Hartstikke dood' It means something like totally/very much dead. Guess you understand that `dood' is Dutch for `dead' Matthew used the word `hartstikke' combined with 'happy' earlier. Yesterday he also said `hartstikke dood'. His pronunciation was very different from Daryl's!
That phrase is from an old Dutch song about uncle' Loeks' whose horse died in 1910. Matthew is the uncle Luke, so he is very good-looking for his age! The pronunciation of Loeks is very similar to Luke, so that is the easy part. If anyone want to hear 'hartstikke dood', try this link. It appears at 0.40

The guys claim that Welsh is more difficult than Dutch, so we expect them to sing in Dutch next year! Not uncle Loeks please. We can help to find an appropriate song :-) Maybe a known song in English and Dutch? 'Noordzee' that you might know as 'The Golden Vanity' or 'The Gallant Argosy'. Link to the Dutch version

Today (Sunday) we are back home for two days. Tuesday concert in Goor. The guys will love to say this...NOT.

Some more song remarks:

= Bheir mí ó - Love it. The guys say that it is a love song. No reason to doubt that, but no idea what they really sing.
= Spanish Lady - Like Anja I love the blend, but it is not my favourite.
= Suo Gan - It is a lullaby and maybe it works for children...not for me. Always try to 'follow' the voices.
= Nessun Dorma - No comment!
= All out of love - When I was waiting for my drinks, a man next to me started singing it. Stopped and looked around if anyone heard it and started again a few moments later. When he noticed that I heard him, he said: "This one will linger for hours!"

That's it for now.

Hugs, Ali

PS Quiz question: Who invented the induction coil and, maybe more difficult to answer, why is Matthew telling that every night? I'll answer in part 3 :-)