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2012-04 Dutch Tour Diary Part I

reviewed by Ali

April 15 2011 was the end of the Dutch Tour 2011. 5 days later I ordered the first tickets for the tour of 2012. Now we already saw some. Hard to believe.

Ute already wrote a review of Purmerend. It is always hard to decide what to tell. I appreciate most of the jokes, even if I hear them during every concert. I guess it is no fun when you read it all and then hear it.

It was good to see all the guys live again and more important: to hear them again. CD is concert is better.

We all loved the Purmerend concert, but I must say that the one in Emmen was even better. Imagine: we told each other last Sunday that the concert was better than last year's!

We had a really good time with Ute and Uli. Ute already wrote about that. We always have fun when we meet. Ute taught us to make a Christmas star. We'll make some before Christmas. A lot of time to practise!

>From Emmen to IJmuiden was a long trip by train and bus.

In Emmen and Ijmuiden we spent time with Anja and Simone. That was also fun time. It was the first time I met Simone and it will not be the last!
The set list was the same in Purmerend, Emmen and Ijmuiden, besides The Holy city/Pearl Fisher's Duet. In Purmerend I forgot to grab the list, because I was talking to a lady who was seated next to me. But in Emmen I did. A lot of people saw me doing it and because it was (very well) fixed to the floor and hard to get, they laughed. Some at me and some chuckled. So what, I have the list, so that I can share it with you.

= Red-haired Mary
= Feels like home
Star of the County Down
She moved through the fair = Unexpected on my top 3 list! I wasn't attracted by that song anymore...heard it performed by so many singers...all sound like each other...sung by the guys istturned to a favourite...
= Granada
= Pearl Fisher's Duet (The Holy City in Purmerend)- The Holy City brought tears to my eyes (as usual). When Heike sits next to me she mostly gives me a tissue. The `duet' by three tenors is excellent. I really love `The Holy City', but as long as the `duet' is not recorded I prefer that one at the song list.
= Wild Mountainside - Love this one from the very first time I heard it. Now, with the other guys as backing vocals and Colm on guitar, even more.
= Finnegan's Wake - Always must think of Christel when I hear this song. She loves it and we had lots of fun with it.
= Lay down Sally - James found Simone as his Sally in Emmen. How many Sally's are in his 'harem' by now???
= No Frontiers
= Remember Me
= Bheir mí ó
= Silent Sunlight
= I'll tell me Ma
= Galileo
= Going Home
Funiculì Funiculà
= Better - Madeleine's favourite. She hopes this one will not be removed.
= Westering Home
Spanish Lady
= Suo Gan
= Nessun Dorma
= All out of love heard two songs of my top 3 list. Maybe the third one (second on my list) will appear later. Hope so.

Ok, hope this will do as `part' one? Hope to write more later.