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2012-04-01 Purmerend, NL

reviewed by Ute and Uli

First let me warn you that I am writing in detail about this first Dutch concert. The fans who attend further concerts on this Dutch tour and who want to be surprised better don't read this beforehand, NOT that I spoil everything!

Last year Uli and I didn't go to Holland so we were more than happy that we did this year. We chose Purmerend as this concert was on a Sunday but decided to stay in Waalwijk as my husband is still in love with this town and mainly here because of the hotel restaurant.

The long drive went smooth and we reached our destination on Saturday at about 16.00 o'clock. In the hotel it 'felt like home' as we stayed here already the third time and we even had the same room as last time. Before we went to dinner there was enough time to walk to the city centre but here we had to realise that all the shops are closed on Monday morning in this town. What a pity, we wanted to do some shopping before heading home on Monday.

We now looked forward to have dinner and as expected we had an excellent meal in the hotel.

Next morning we drove to Purmerend and first thing we did was looking for the venue. It was cold and started to rain so we hoped to find the venue soon. There were not many people in the pedestrian area but then I saw a familiar face - it was Rianne! What a surprise! We greeted each other and then we searched together the theatre while chatting all the time. Rianne found it soon as she was here longer ago and she remembered where it was.
Now Rianne left us and went into the theatre. I texted Ali and told her that we were already here and they were also here in between minutes. With 'they' I mean Ali, Madeleine and Madeleine's husband, Dick. It was a treat to meat the ladies again and to meet Dick first time.

Shortly after that the theatre opened and it was good to be out of the cold and in a cosy restaurant where we had lunch and coffee.
We had window seats and so we saw a few people passing and then out of the blue there were also the tenors and Rianne and I think Brian and Colm as well but I for myself saw actually just James, Rianne and Matt. They didn't see us but it was good to through a glimpse on them and being aware that the concert was just around the corner.

Not too long and the concert started. Uli and I had good seats in row 13 while Ali, Madeleine and Dick where closer to the stage. The concert was almost sold out besides a few seats on the balcony and about this I was more than happy as I wanted to have the tenors a good start on this Dutch tour.

The very first song was Red-Haired Mary and then the tenors greeted the audience and introduced themselves. It was highly appreciated that James greeted the people in Dutch and here we learned that they had just arrived in Holland two days ago from Vancouver.

I didn't write down the song list and the songs I mention are not complete but I hope to remember everything right, will do my best.

I think the next song was 'Feels Like Home', followed by 'Star Of The County Down'.
When they introduced 'She Moved Through The Fair' the boys said that this song is usually sung by ladies but I can assure you that it is perfect for the tenors. This was the first a capella song if I am not wrong.

After this song James said that it was Palm Sunday this day and this was a perfect bridge to the wonderful  'The Holy City' !

Now followed a big surprise for Uli and me:
James dedicated 'The Wild Mountainside' for us both. Of course we felt VERY special and this song is one of my favourites on 'Feels Like Home'.

This song is from a Scottish composer and James mentioned how beautiful it is in the Scottish Highlands. What a coincidence - Uli and I went to Scotland first time last summer and we can only back what James said. Thanks James for the dedication, this will never be forgotten.

I must write in more detail about 'Lay Down Sally'.
Though it was not the first time for Uli and me that we heard it live we were impressed again how the tenors arranged (and slowed down) this famous Eric Clapton song. It was fabulous! James even went down to the audience and looked for a Sally to lay down. He found a lady in first row to who he could at least sit close to. When James was back on stage he even started to undress - wow what an excitement!

The next song was more what we are used to when we think of the tenors - a very emotional 'No Frontiers'. First time for Uli and me live. And as I always mention how much I like Jimmy MacCarthy songs I don't do it here.

After 'Remember Me' was the interval.

The second half went naturally as fast as the first half - much too fast of course.
Here they sang many songs from their new album and NO! they never mentioned this new cd during the concert! (Ooops, think they mentioned it now and then but in a witty way and this was okay).

Uli's favourite songs were 'Better' and 'Galileo'. Matt dedicated 'Galileo' to his wife who stays at home and looks after the demons (he ment their children). Of course every one knew that he wasn't serious here.
For me it is difficult to answer which were my favourites but definitely there is 'Wild Mountain Side' and 'Suo Gan' among them.
Before the boys introduced the latter we were told that this is a Welsh lullaby. The tenors sang this tune without microphones and I appreciated a lot that it was really quiet in the audience while they performed it.
We were told that Welsh is even more difficult than Dutch.

The tenors got a lot of applause and the encore was 'All Out of Love', here I liked Daryl's part most as I always do.

All in all it was really an afternoon to remember and the boys proved more than once that they are not just great singers but also fantastic entertainers. Their jokes and dancing interludes were highly appreciated and they got a lot of applause.
The sound and sound volume was perfect for me. It sometimes happens that I think the music is too lound during a concert but here it was just right.

This long review would not be complete without mentioning Colm at the piano and Brian at percussion and guitar. How likeable they both are and what a great asset for the tenors!

It was great that the tenors introduced many of their wonderful new songs to the audience. There is just one downside here - with every new song they add an old song will be dropped and this is such a pity. To avoid this in future I suggest here to extend the concerts so that they last longer, at least one hour. I would gladly accept a higher price for the concert tickets if so. LOL

Alas, I wrote already too much about the concert so I must try to be more concisely when I come to the meet and greet now:

It was a very warm welcome for us from all the tenors. The first thing James asked was how long it took us from South Germany to Holland and he was not happy when I told him that we drove about 7 hours.
James told Uli and me that we will meet not before too long in GERMANY. Of course Uli and I didn't believe this as James has told us this on previous concerts and every one knows that they haven't been here for a longer time. Each time I spoke with James he told me this and so I asked Daryl and Matt and they both claimed the same.

I asked the boys if we are allowed now to wrap our hands around them all the time and luckily they agreed. Big relief!! (I mean on the mugs, of course).
Ali said that we can put the mugs into the dishwasher as the pen is dishwasher proved but no way! I will never ever put the writing of the tenors into the dishwasher, am much too scared that the mug would come out without their writing on it!

Now with a concert ahead in Germany (if this is really true) I am happy in fact that we didn't go shopping this morning as planned, will safe this money for the next gig of our favourite tenors - here we go! :-)

U t e
P.S. Forgot to mention that during 'Lay Down Sally' James stopped to undress after he had removed his tie. ;-)