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2012-06-07 a message from James

Hello everyone!

We are so excited about many things this year.... China for one (Aaaaaggghhhh so cool), but also Germany..... we have SO missed touring Germany and would love it to be an important part of our annual schedule again..... it is so near home, but also it is just a lovely fun country to tour... and Daryl and Colm have great German too! So a plea to all you Germans coming - SPREAD the WORD please... really....I know Anja will do her bit....but because this our first time to tour with ASS (steady now...easy now....) we wanna make a good impression.... and if there are only a handful of people at the concerts then it is most likely we won't be back....sorry but that is reality. So tell your friends.... and spread the word....we need full houses! Thanks....
Tonight I am doing a last minute concert in Dublin....those on Facebook will have seen the church in Westland Row where it is happening. It is in aid of SUAS which is a charity also helping Kenyan orphans in Nairobi. And David Milne, a conductor friend from old, who conducts the Guinness Choir asked me last week to sing the solos in Herbert Howells "Nunc Dimittis Collegium Regale" is a cough and a spit for me....but I also get to sing a solo of my choice and I have chosen Bizet's beautiful "Agnus Dei" which I love and often sing at weddings/funerals/concerts etc.... - this is a recording of Pavarotti singing it so you can hear what you are missing! I may not be quite this good tonight but I'll give it a blast!
Then on Saturday we have the pleasure of singing with Deirdre again...we each are singing a duet with Deirdre on the night. AND because Colm is away in Thailand for a month, we have Colm Henry returning for this will be lovely to see him again..... great that we are still in touch....what a sweet and lovely man.
Next week we head away on Tuesday for 8 days....more of that anon.....
And now, thank you all, and love to each and every one of you!
James X