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James and Matthew on 10yr Anniverary of the Yahoo Group

May 2012


As we are leaving early this week, and who knows what we will be doing on Thursday...I thought I'd get in early, and wish the Fanclubs and Fansites a Happy 10th Anniversary! (They didn 't all start exactly at the same time, but better to thank you ALL).

I will always remember when it all started, as my dear Mum had just left this world a couple of months, and we were heading to Canada to do our first gig in Oakville Ontario, in memory of Jackie Miller..... starting our whole Canadian touring etc.

We had hoped to get a personal message to you all, but have not got around to that yet, so that may be late, and for that we apologise! But in these days of social networking...(I was reluctant at first...yes....but now....well, you all know don't you?? Aaaggh...) it is important to remember that it was you guys who started it all off.... our International Fan groups. There was no Facebook, or Twitter then.... just online Fanclubs, and you supported us from almost the very outset of our Celtic Tenors journey, and WE WILL NEVER FORGET THAT, or indeed let it go. (I will respond to Rianne's summary sometime, ooops).

As you can probably see, this year is turning out to be one of our busiest yet, and we need you more than ever.....back to Germany this year..Spread the word guys....we need our German dates full so we can return every year.....
maybe we
will have Chinese members later this year? How cool would that be? And of course you guys in the USA and Canada, we need you ALL the time to keep flying the CT flag! And the Netherlands..... looks like it's ok for us there for now thanks to the great support we have from Rianne and her Dutch Fanclub team!

So basically, I suppose to ALL of you, Moderators, Secretaries, Members, EVERYONE - THANK YOU, sincerely! We appreciate you more than you can ever know!



Greetings to everyone, 10 years on, WOW, what an incredible period it has been. It has given me great pleasure knowing you and feeling loved by you all. I Hope you all know that the feeling is mutual.

I wanted to say thank you for all you have done to keep the Celtic Tenors alive. You have played a hugely valuable role in our group. I know other things like facebook etc have happened but we will not forget the other media too. You guys are still the backbone of our act and we want to say that out loud.

With much love to you all,