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2012-04-03 a message from James


Linda and Gary - GREAT review! Sorry to hear about the bomber-bird. Had not heard that before.

So now we are in Holland.... Emmen tomorrow... Tomorrow is the smallest crowd of the tour we believe, but we are not upset as the others are all doing great! Lovely to be self-catering, and swimming again! But sleep is still all over the shop, sadly....We were on the west coast for so long we acclimatised, and now I am waking every morning wide awake at 2.30am, 4am if I'm lucky! Hopefully that will soon change.

The year is filling up nicely....and I am sure the Germans never believe us anymore....but watch this space in October of this year...Ok?

Lovely to see Ute and Ulli....but they SO didn't believe the rumours.... we shall see. Not sure if we are gonna see more of you crossing the border for this tour....

And then there is CHINA! Cool, or what... to each and every one of you....Take care.
James X

PS. Did you get my Muppet Column? Hope so.... It was published today.