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2012-03-27 a message from James

We have just travelled 13 hours in the car across Saskatchewan and Alberta to BC again.... and just checked in to our lovely comfy hotel.... so I may fade quickly....

Gary and Linda, thanks for setting up the lovely evening in Bloomington.... it was such a lovely gathering of people who are very important to us from Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin! Lovely company.....thanks to you ALL for coming, and thanks again Mr and Mrs P!!

It's been a GREAT tour, and it has been SO lovely as always to see so many of you en route..... you are very important to us...but you know that, right?

Tom and Diane were to come to a show? Not sure they did? Did you? Maybe you slipped away early 'cos you didn't like our new music?

Must go and read my FABULOUS book (Bel Canto by Ann Patchett)....until I begin to doze off....

Love to each and every one of you! Goodnight from BC!
James X