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2012-02-14 a message from James

We had an amazing time in Jamaica, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Ecuador, and on the days in between travelling....

The concerts seemed to go well... and the temperatures rarely went below 35 or 38 degrees C. (think that is around 100 degrees F?). Ok for January/February! The highlights for me were undoubtedly El Salvador and Costa Rica. We also were asked to "escort" (Steady now....not that sort of 'escort') on day-trips, and so I was 'Male Escort' on FIVE day-trips.... two were only ok(ish) and one was good, and 2 were FABULOUS, in the 2 countries above mentioned! Loved it. And yes I am quite burned....sort of a reddish-brown!

Tomorrow we go to Belfast to record for BBC "Songs of Praise" - maybe you can guess what song they picked? Not hard I think, as it's a Titanic rememberence!
"REMEMBER-ence"..... It will be aired in April I think. But we will keep you all posted. Hopefully I won't look like a giant friendly match!!?

We have Bangor concert also this late Mum's birthplace. And also I have my solo concert for the Cleft Palate charity on Thursday, with rehearsals on Wednesday!

Busy enough week.

Talk soon again, but in the meantime, love to each and every one of you!
James X