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2012-01 a message from James

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Well, yes I realise that I am about 3 weeks late and for that I truly apologise. Please forgive me!

Having travelled home to Sligo on Christmas Day for Christmas with Linda, Richard and the kids (who are no longer kids really...), I then was in Galway for 3 days, and then went straight to the UK for New Year. Now I am back.... cosy in my lil Wicklow cottage.
I have a concert in Carrickfergus, with Jenny Heaney (remember Jenny?), and it is in aid of BOTH of our African charities....hers is a Ugandan charity. I have a rehearsal with the choir this Monday, and then the concert is on the following Sunday.
Then the following week I have been convinced to do a one-off performance... a very unusual performance....yes I am teasing, but if the truth be known I am kinda scared of it, and so I MAY reveal all nearer the time... (Stop those naughty minds amongst you)....I rarely reveal's not pretty.... unless I am swimming in the freezing Atlantic on St Stephen's Day! Gosh it was *#?'#* cold! Anyway with regards the 'project' in the 3rd week of January I may have courage and let you know soon. Or perhaps not. But will hopefully send pictures afterwards anyway!!
Thanks again for all your BEAUTIFUL cards....some particularly beautiful.... is it ok to single out Karen. Linda and Pat's Mum?? What a beautiful card, which I shall keep for a long time. But there were some very close-runners-up too. So thank you. And for some gifts, emails, messages etc etc. You are all very sweet indeed. My cards are still haning from strings around my sitting room... yes I know I need to take them down.
Lovely to meet many of you along the way too.... those 'honest' ones amongst you who disliked venues, and who are never afraid to speak their minds, but who are entirely forgiven because they bring us MAGNIFICENT treats, and buns etc etc. And of course some who spell their names in an original fashion and then I mis-pronounce them when we meet face to face. But honestly how is "Mayre" - Mary? Well she's original eh? I suppose when many of you saw "Brid" written down, you mis-pronounced it too.... as it is pronounced "Breed"!
Anyway.... I must go back to the piano and learn this thing.... Aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh. Am I mad?
Love to each and every one of you, and all the best for 2012.