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2011 Dutch Tour

reviewed by Ali

After the first concert my neighbour joined us for the first part of the 'after party' at my home. She really enjoyed the show. She said it several times and again when I saw her yesterday when I came home. She was delighted to hear about the 2012 tour!

I already mentioned the new songs, so it will be just some additional comments now.
The set list
Funiculž Funiculŗ
The town I loved so well
home - This really is a song that lingers. Humming it all the time. 'Must be' on the CD
She moved through the fair - Glad I heard it several times. Love it.
Finnigan's wake - Always fun
Nella fantasia
Feels like home
never be the sun - Absolutely one of my favourites
Lay down Sally
I'll tell me ma
Nessun dorma
Spanish lady - Can't help thinking of Matthew on the DVD (live in concert)
Dimming of the day
You ain't going nowhere
Wild mountainside - Cross my fingers that this one made it to the CD
The fields of Athenry
Better - Glad it was back again in Waalwijk
Phil the fluter's ball
The Dutchman - I have it on a CD of a local pub band (The Webb) in Kenmare or Tramore. The audience softly sang along the refrain (in all venues). Lovely to hear as it is a bit melancholic.
Remember me
All out of love
ovations. Not just here. If I remember well, the guys had three in every venue!

The 'Henseniushuis', our B&B, was far from the train station, but the weather was great, so we decided to walk. Hm...three km with luggage is not the best choice. The man at the B&B (Leo) was very hospitable. He offered us a drink and we chatted till I said that we had to go to the room as we had a dinner reservation and want to change clothes.
The theatre and restaurant were nearby.
The concert was great again (that wasn't a surprise!), with the same set list.
Just 4 people on first row. Next to me an almost totally blind woman. We chatted and I asked her if it would be useful to tell her about the crew. I told her and I also did during the concert now and then. Tried to do it during the applause, but sometimes I had to during the songs. Hope it didn't disturb the guys. She was so enthusiast. A pity that she didn't go to the M&G. Later she told us that she didn't because her English is too poor. I would say "join the club". English is not our native language (glad that you, club members, don't complain, though I'm sure that sometimes we write silly things).

One of the new Dutch phrases was when James was worn out after his dancing. "Ik ben versleten". Don't know why they taught him to say it in dialect. No problem. It was obvious that everyone understood.

Back at the B&B, the landlady (Riny) asked about the concert. We talked a while and she offered us a drink. Leo put some more fuel wood in the open fire and we sat there till 02.00. Enough to talk about. They love music and also love Ireland and Madeleine's mum lived there long ago.
We had more than one drink and even something to eat and didn't have to pay for it!

The next morning Leo drove us to the station. What a service!
We had an appointment to meet Christel in Den Bosch. We chose a terrace, had a little lunch and waited. Her train had a delay. When she arrived we were a bit red by the sun. Together by bus to Veghel.

Neither the bus station nor the venue was far from our B&B. We changed and went to find a restaurant. Someone advised us one without telling that it would close early. Not much time to finish our dinner. Then (very early) to the theatre. Doors were open, so we could go inside. After a few minutes the manager came to us and asked if we were fine. We told why we were early and he offered us (free) coffee. Very customer friendly!
We saw people coming in and as usual I had a chat with some of them. A middle-aged couple told that they saw the CT when they went by and asked if I knew their age. I told them to guess.
Pointing to Daryl on the flyer: "He is the youngest" and pointing to Matthew "Around 40". So far so good. Then, pointing to James. "35 maybe". You must have been in good condition that night, Mr. Nelson!

The guys were very surprised to see Christel. Unfortunately Daryl changed his solo here and we already told Christel how beautiful 'Better' is. Someone even said that 'Better' has hit possibilities.

Here we heard 'Going home' for the first time. Lovely song.
The next day we went back home. Not Christel of course. She stayed at my place.
We didn't see each other for a long time, so this was a great opportunity to catch up. We listened to the new songs (by other artists of course), relaxed in the sun and had fun.

We knew that several CT family members would show up. Lovely to see them again. Such a pity that Ute and Uli couldn't make it this year. Hopefully next year. Maybe we can have a drink afterwards with an even bigger group?

We had dinner with Heike and Axel.
A lot of known fans and acquaintances and several dedications. Sorry, don't remember them.
Of course one of the dedications I do remember. It was 'Remember me' for Alphen aan den Rijn. They did that also at the next concerts. It was highly appreciated! People told me several times.

Guess how the show was :-) Actually, they were all great!

The hotel where we stayed was nice, but there was a party. Not the kind of music we like. Short night:-(

The matinee in Heerenveen.
We had our suitcases with us as we would go home after the concert. One of the theatre hostesses was so kind to find a place where we could leave them safely.
We had a chat about the bias that inhabitants of Friesland are against the grain. I can assure you that they are NOT. I lived there for about five years and found out that they are wonderful and loyal. Just when you think that you are superior....

'Come what may' instead of 'Wild mountainside'. As 'Come what may' is one of my favourites, it was a nice surprise.

Al ready told the story about the 'drinking' tenors :-)

We booked a B&B, but they had water logging, so we had a hotel instead. Again not too far from the venue.
We thought about Ute and Uli, but had a great time at terraces and so on.

The set list changed. There were other changes and I have the set lists, but...didn't write the venues on it :-((
'You raise me up'. and 'Red-haired Mary' appeared. Last one sounds like 'Spanish lady' when you hear it for the first time. Think it is because they start with the refrain and they did 'Spanish lady' in the concerts before. I heard it four times and I think I like it more than 'Spanish lady'.

Something upset me, so I couldn't sleep. Short night again. Loved some other short nights more ;-)

We were here before and had the same B&B. The landlady also attended the concert. She really enjoyed it.
We had seats on row B. As a rule it is second row, but not in Steenwijk. It was row six or something. A few minutes before the show started we decided to go to the (almost empty) wing at the right. When we passed a man asked us if we were send away. So we told him why we were changing seats. He said that it was already in the paper 'that women fall for these guys' :-). He also told that he came because he loves opera. is not all opera! Afterwards I asked his opinion. "It is great, I told you that I love opera...". Ok, the important thing is that he enjoyed the show.
Beautiful sight on Colm's hands from our places. Mostly we just see his head. Worth to look at, especially when he does funny faces.

The way the guys introduced themselves was different. Colm started the intro of 'You raise me up'. Daryl started to introduce the song, but the others told him that he had to introduce himself. So the timing wasn't as it had to be. Colm went on playing and when Daryl stopped talking, Colm was back to the intro. Perfect! It sounded like it was part of the show.

After the show there was an extra 'encore' in the foyer.

Free seating tonight, so we had to be early.
The guys were announced in the brochure as 'THE IRISH IL DIVO'!
Talking to people before the show, I found out that there was a lady who really thought she ordered a ticket for Il Divo! She had the CT flyer in her hand and tried to recognize the faces, wondering why there were just three guys on the photo. Poor lady. Such a pity that I didn't see her afterwards to hear what she thought about our guys.

Talking about seeing many concerts, a lady said that she couldn't understand. A man next to her said: "What to think about going to football every week". Thank you, sir! You understand.

Some people had reserved seats, next to us. when we looked at them we wondered what they thought. They didn't respond at all. Afterwards one of them said : "This was SO beautiful".
The second encore was 'Ireland's call' on request.

'Onder de Linden', the hotel where we stayed, is an old one. It was next to the venue. Hospitality was fabulous. There we had another 'after party'. A very special one. We had a drink after the show and chatted with some staff members and the owner. They have plans to change the hotel. Hopefully not the atmosphere! RaffaŽla (winner of the Dutch Idols 2006) was there too. She became pregnant when Idols was on. She decided to choose for the baby and not for a career then. Chapeau! Her daughter (4 years old) is Beautiful. RaffaŽla is working at a career now. We had a drink together and talked about all kind of things. Finally she sang for us! Just a few other guest were still there. Thanks RaffaŽla! We went on chatting when the bar closed. To bed at around 03.00. Nice reason to have a short night sleep!

Fortunately Anja could make it to come. Her parents are lovely ( too Anja). Between our happy hour and dinner we had a tea with them.
Just 6 people on first row. Anja with her parents, Madeleine, her daughter-in-law and me.

Wonder if James realised that he dedicated 'Wild mountainside' to three of his Sally's. In Veenendaal it was Madeleine, in Helmond it was Anja and last year in Ede it was me.

The second encore was 'You raise me up' for Anja.

This was last show. Had the same feeling as I had every night when the guys announced the final song. Is it already over?

Some notes:
A lot of people heard the guys on a 'Voices' CD.

Other songs that appeared (hope I mentioned them all now):
The holy city
Star of the county Down
lassie go

Before Daryl starts his solo, he prepares his guitar. In the meanwhile he is talking. He said that the guys told Colm (who never was in The Netherlands before) that he must not forget his photo camera. He would be able to make beautiful photos of the mountains here. Then with a real big smile: "He is still looking for one! OK, that was not nice...but it is funny, isn't it?"
The flatness of our land must intrigue him. Last year he also had a joke about it.

Several 'oldies' showed up, like gekke (mad) - beeldschoon (exceptionally beautiful) - geef me de vijf (give me your five) used in the same way as last year - je vindt jezelf zo slim (you think you're so smart) Matthew's answer when one of the others spoke Dutch- schattebout (darling)
Some new: Ik begrijp het niet (I don't understand) - uitslover (toady)
James, back on stage after he went to 'Sally': Het is koud buiten (it is cold outside) later replaced by: het is heet hier binnen (it is hot inside). Think he loved the last one the most. A good reason to remove his tie!
Matthew once dedicated 'You'll never be the sun' to Celestine in Dutch.
Most Dutch wasn't used in a special order. Turned up when they thought about it I guess.

I'm sure that I forgot a lot, but it already is such a long story.
Shortly: It was marvellous to see and hear the guys again. That includes Colm and Brian! The concerts were great, without exception. All the people I chatted with after a show were positive.
Now we have to wait for the CD to find out which songs are on it.