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2011 USA concert review

written by Licienne

Headed to Staten Island..traffic moved quickly and we pulled into The College of Staten bigger then I expected..finally found the Center for the Arts there was a lot going on since the center has 4 theaters in it..we waited impatiently for the doors to open at the Springer Concert Hall...we walked in and were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it was.we got to our seats in the third row(first time I didn't have front row seats) there was no one in front of us so that was great..a nice clear view to the stage. I talked to the gentleman next to me that was there with his father and he had a wonderful poster from Australia that he was going to have to boys sign that he found on Ebay. He and I compared notes at the performances we have been to(basically all of the somewhat area ones) and he said he recognized me from Trenton(Dec 2010) hmmmmm ok I guess I am memorable.ROFL..I told him about the yahoo egroup and he was going to check us out so he may be reading this review..finally Colm stepped out so woo hoo here we go for a great ride, I hope I do the performance justice and yes this will be fairly long so please have patience with me you'll understand why.

Belle of Belfast City was the opening song..Colm and Matthew were giggling a little..not quite sure what that was about(but pretty sure I might) but I'm thinking it might have been Daryl and the fact that they had a 3am lobby call they were a tad silly. Next we enjoyed Go Lassie Go, Finnegan's Wake(yes Matthew explained the song in a long winded way wonder if he had the "crater" in him to keep him then Fields of Athenry and an accapella of She Moved Through the Fair(woo hoo it's on the next CD). Nella Fantasia(always brings a tear to my eye), Funiculi and then a wonderful surprise, Daryl sat at the piano on stage in solo and sang Brown-Eyed Girl( it was incredible and Daryl's jazzy/blues piano rendition during parts of the song were GREAT). We then got to hear Hard Times then there are no words really for Lay Down Sally I love their rendition..we all laughed and James was hysterical he found "Sally" in the audience one can only imagine how theatrical James was it was great.bravo! OK Danny Boy had my father(first time seeing The Tenors) tearing up, it blew his mind he was so taken away with the Tenors he wasn't able to even talk at first..Remember Me followed and we had intermission. My father just kept saying they were so incredible he just kept thanking me for bringing him and my mother.

2nd half opened with Spanish Lady after Matthew insisted on telling us all about a commercial he saw with a "Porta Lu" and Michael Flatley. there was a lot of irish dancing by Matthew and James( ummmmm James I'll call my son to give you a few lesson on that jig and Matthew held his own) Daryl was NOT to be upstaged by the jig so he moon walked he got applause. Dimming of the Day(on the next CD) I love to this day and then You Ain't Goin Nowhere. OK now to the part of the program that FLOORED ME and brought me to major tears(went through many Kleenex) and I am still crying thinking about it..James sat at the piano alone on stage and dedicated Come What May(I loved it to begin with but now it has even more meaning to me to me since the song was really written as a lullaby for the song writers child) to me and my son Christopher who is a United States Marine that is deploying in a few weeks to Afghanistan..James I can only say thank you thank you thank I along with my parents were so touched by that.geeesh I am crying was good that they did Mad Lady and Me next I was able to get myself together again. Matthew did a solo alone on stage(guys I love that you are featuring each other alone that way it's a blessing to hear solo's also) Matthew dedicated You'll Never Be The Sun to his wife Celestine it is a gorgeous song and so meaningful and you could see the love he has for her when he sings we got to laugh at Phil the Fluter then Feels Like Home(yes yes yes on the next CD). Shenandoah was wonderful and then Nessa Dorma(ok here is where the boys will pick on me) James mention that I knew the rules(so I knew I better do it right I was under pressure that this point) before they started but needless to say my mother who is a classically trained opera singer kind of went over board and didn't stop when she was suppose to and you could still hear her singing during other parts..yes they picked on my mom a little not realizing she was my mother..I was a good girl and stopped when I was suppose to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally the finale was All Out Of Love and the "giving" of the roses(pink this time my fav) OH MY OH MY OH MY I got one from Daryl and so did my mother he said something to her and she said she won't tell me what he said hmmmmm they had a The boys went back on stage and then all of a sudden James, Daryl and Colm left the stage before the end of the song leaving Matthew ALONE..awwww he was so out of love and "out there on his own"(isn't that a song from a movie).he started singing the end of the song all sad with a pout and then all of a sudden James and Colm stepped back on stage like they didn't realize Matthew didn't follow them but where of where was Daryl..well he comes from the back of the theater singing and yes they were laughing about was a great way to end the performance...At the meet and greet I waited till the end I was determined to get a new picture of me with the boys. The guys were disappointed in me that they didn't know my parents were both professional father a horn player and my mother a singer..I will be teased for ages about that now and I will probably be expected to be spot on with my AHHHHHHHH's..The performance was perfect and I do have to say something about Colm..I did watch you a lot(I am NOT a stalker) since the first time you were with an orchestra and wasn't able to see was incredible to see how you didn't lead the tenors you followed, you followed their breaths with a pause only a musician would know I am not sure how else to explain that you didn't pull them along with you. James I am sure will explain to me or correct me but I have to say what I saw was as professional and mature in a person so young..Thank you for putting up with my very long review and James, Matthew, Daryl and Colm thank you for another incredible performance.