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2011-03-26 Aurora, IL

a magical night in Aurora - reviewed by Pat

Once in a great while we all receive incredible, unanticipated gifts. Last night was one of those for me.

After a relatively short drive, we arrived at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, IL. It is really a lovely, restored theatre with great sound. When we arrived, the lobby was quite crowded and as we took our seats, were so pleased to all of the other enthusiastic audience members waiting for what was sure to be an extraordinary experience.

I know I forgot at least a few songs, but was able to capture most.

Belle of Belfast City
Fields of Athenry
Finnegans Wake
She Moved through the Fair
Across the waves go home go jome
Nella antasia
Brown eyed girl (Daryl solo)
Hard Times
Down Sally
Danny Boy
Remember Me
Spanish Lady
Dimming of the Day
Ain't Goin Nowhere
Come What May (dedicated to Tom and Diane Tully -- Maggie Mae, Linda and Gary, Shannon and Karen, Linda and myself) - (James solo)
The Mad Lady and Me
You'll Never Be the Sun (Matthew solo)
Feels like Home
(dedicated to Shannon)
Nessa Dorma
All Out of Love of these songs bring tears to my eyes, but none more than Remember Me. Every time I hear them perform this song, it is like the first time I've heard it and it is so very impactful to me -- thank you for giving me a wonderful set of memories.

>From the moment Colm, Daryl, James and Matthew came on stage until they bid (an altogether too soon) farewell, they held the rapt attention of the audience. I overhead several people sitting around us commenting on the extraordinary talent of the 4 men on stage and how very compelling their performance is. It is fun to see how comfortable the guys are with each other, with their material and their engagement in so many subtle and overt ways with the audience (who loved every moment of repartee between them). There were two well deserved standing ovations for the lads at the end of the performance -- the audience was so appreciative.

After the performance, we moved into the lobby for the "meet/greet". There was a loooong line of people waiting to buy CDs, have them autographed and have a word with each of the Tenors and Colm -- I know there were many, many delighted new fans who left the Paramount last night. It was wonderful to see Emily and Neely, Maggie Mae and her family, and Linda and Gary. The guys, as always, were extraordinarily gracious and giving of themselves to each person and after most of the crowd had dispersed, they indulged those of us in the fan club with photo ops and a great opportunity for "catch-up" conversations. It was my first time meeting Colm and he is a great addition to the group as well as so very talented and has a wonderful sense of humor. I am always astounded by how incredibly kind they are to spend time with all of us after which they have just given their "all" to their audience in the show. But last night was the last show in North America and soon they will be boarding a flight from Chicago back to Ireland and "home". After several weeks away, I'm sure they will all be glad to be with family and friends before they head off to their next set of adventures.

As you know, several of us went to Ballydoyle's Irish Pub after the concert (Maggie Mae and her family, Emily and Keely, Linda and Gary and Karen (who arranged for us to gather informally), Linda and myself. We were talking about how much we enjoyed the show and incredible the guys are . . . and who walks into the Pub -- yes, Colm, Daryl, James and Matthew . . . what a nice surprise for all of us -- we had the opportunity to chat with each of them during the evening, Ballydoyle's invited the Tenors up on stage to share their version of Danny Boy with all of the pub patrons -- the pub went from very noisy to completely quiet as the Tenors perfomed the song so beautifully for the second time that night. Huge applause followed -- again so well deserved!

I can't tell you how special it was to experience such a wonderful show and then the pleasure of enjoying the company of the guys over the next couple of hours.

It was also great for us to spend much of the evening with Linda and Gary, enjoy the pictures of their lovely family and get to know them a little better -- look forward to the opportunity to do it again soon.

Today, I'm back in the real world. . . looking so forward to the next CD release in August and to the return of the Tenors and Colm to a place/places where we can see them again and again.

With appreciation at so many levels . . . my best to all,