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2011-11-29 a message from James

I am so happy you all seem to feel as we do about "Feels like Home". Your reviews, and comments have been really heart-warming to read.

And some of you have kindly put comments/mini-reviews up on Amazon and Billboard, which will really help us, so thank you for that, sincerely.

Still swimming frantically 4 times a week, as I know I will put weight on on tour. They should call me Fluctuating Celt! We had one month of rain in ONE DAY a few weeks ago...and 2 people died in Ireland that day. This sort of extreme is unheard of in Ireland.... and on that day too, my swimming pool (Marian College Swimming Pool) was flooded...and was turned into a hellish mud-bath, including the dressing rooms. So at the moment, they are emptying the pool slowly, and then will clean it thoroughly, and then fill it again. A nightmare.

Dreadful... But I couldn't stop my swimming, so I am now swimming in a BEAUTIFUL Swimming Pool near Dundrum/Ballinteer. But the swimmers there are much more serious about doing their lengths, so I am always exhausted when I come out of there.... It is all good for me!

We have a Munster Rugby match this Saturday in Limerick. We are singing 6 songs, including 3 from the new CD. Then on the 18th we are doing BBC Children in Need, a wonderful charity, on the TV (BBC Northern Ireland). We did it before, an ABBA Medley...I was in heaven! This time it will be "Better" and "Feels like Home".