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2011-10-27 a message from James

Thanks to several of you for your reviews for Feels like Home... and also to a couple of you who have posted reviews/comments on Amazon and Billboard...

Some of the reviews have been SO eloquent. Obviously John's is, as ever, beautifully crafted, but then there are others, and honestly when I'm reading them I forget that most of you are not native English speakers....amazing. hedral looked lovely. And Annie don't be embarrassed to write PLEASE, it was lovely to get your review too.

There have been several lovely positive responses to our CD on Facebook and elsewhere. I can't force you, but IF you have a spare moment you would be doing us a HUGE favour if you posted your mini-reviews, or even comments, on Amazon, and Billboard, and ANYWHERE else you like....It will help us long term...
But as I say I don't want to force you...

I still haven't heard the Q Network Radio InterPHEW! Must do...Glad it seemed to come across well... It looks like we will be doing BBC Children in Need (Northern Ireland BBC) on Novemeber 18th...I think it's public!

Well yesterday morning I got a call from a conductor friend, and she said "My tenor soloist is sick! James, can you help..." Now I kinda hoped it might have been a piece I'd done HAydn's "Creation" or something lovely like that...but no such luck...Bach's Cantata Number 78...
Only one rectitative and an aria for the tenor...The aria was doable, but the recit... AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! I was a little like a rabbit in front of headlamps last night in St Mary's Cathedral in Limerick, but I am told I saved the day, and a tenor always loves to be the went fine I suppose....

Those of you who have enjoyed the album, PLEASE spread the word, and also PLEASE write little comments on Amazon and Billboard etc....

And now, love to each and every single one of you, James.