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2011-08-29 a message from James

I think my next column needs to be on Social Networking again, having heard today that there is one Dublin school which is getting rid of ALL text books next week.... and giving their First Year students an IPad each....

and giving their First Year students an IPad each....While it's great, for me it's a little sad.... I LOVE the advances in technology, and I'm even enjoying Facebook (really, yes Heather I am...)...I would miss the physicality of books...I read every night in bed, and I can't imagine falling asleep and waking up next to my Ipad or Kindle?? Hmmm..... maybe I'll eat those words too. Watch this space!

I am glad that Irene has passed you by...and while there was destruction, and death, it seems to have been better managed perhaps, and maybe less dramatic in the end than others, but who am I only a tenor who has never experienced such weather systems... I am happy that Kathy, Joyce, Robin, Nan, Licienne, and others I have missed are all safe and sound! Stay safe you guys..... And earthquakes on the east coast too...what is our world coming to?

There seems to be a little hype about "Feels like home" doesn't there? If you google not (not that I HAVE of course) it seems to be in many pre-order areas. Amazon, Tesco etc... We are very happy with how it sounds, and also think Barry McCall who did our sexy pics (!!) has done a great job.... so here's hoping you all like it too. I know you have heard a little bit of it already.
Hoping we get to meet you too during the year...including the Germans!
Maybe... who knows?

Take care everyone, and love to each and every one of you, James.