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2011-08-21 a message from James

The album is to be released in the UK on September 26th we believe!

And on October 18th in North America...we believe!! The tracklist is correct, and the 2 a capellas are "She moved through the fair" and "Suo Gan" (although there is a little bit of harp that creeps in to that one). "A Love song"
was a working title...I think it may in the end have the cheesier title of "I know that you care"! Every week I have a different first it was "Going Home", then another week "Red-Haired Mary" and at the moment it's "No Frontiers" which is a song I've loved forever! And we look great on it too! Even I look sexy!!! Barry Mc Call is a genius photographer!

I'll sign off for now but I'm sure we'll chat again.
Love to each and every one of you,