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2011-06-01 a mesage from James

Greetings from sunny Wicklow!

Thank you ALL for your good wishes on the passing my last aunt - Auntie Bert. Yes that was her name. Yes I know it seems kinda like a guy's name, but my family have some pretty way-out names. No aunts or uncles left now.... And strangely we have a concert on Friday in Dundalk in aid of Alzheimers! Hmmmmm...
The UK is very much a building process, and we shall see if it works. Hopefully the new album release will make a difference there. It'd be lovely to do more there, as it's so nearby. Anyway, feel welcome in here. People are lovely in here....
Thanks for all the comments on the 9th anniversary. It is INCREDIBLE how many true friendships have been made within these cyber-walls. Amazing. do make a difference you guys. Songs you have suggested have made it on to albums in the past, and two that have been suggested are on the next album also..... But hey, you know how important you all are to us, don't you? And it is truly heart-warming to see your lovely smiles and friendly faces in our audiences along the way. I mean that sincerely.
Dates are steadily coming in for later this year, and next year also..... I added the Dutch dates late last night....

I need to go now and learn Soprano/Tenor duets, and Mezzo-Tenor duets.... two Kenya fund-raisers within the next week. One in Sligo on Sunday, and the other organised by my old English teacher from school from YEARS ago way down in beautiful Kenmare....and he has the coolest name (and was a GREAT English teacher) - Steve Austen!
Love to each and every one of you,