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2011-05-23 a message from James

What a week for Ireland!

As we head off again tomorrow for a week, what a privilege it was to be in the country (just about) for what has been one of the biggest weeks of my life, without a doubt.

The Queen arriving last week, and saying and doing ALL the right things after more than 800 years of strife between us two neighbours....

And then today the wonderful and ever-popular (at least here!) President Obama (or is he really now Barry O'Bama?) rousing his crowds with rhetoric as only he can. Our new Taoiseach Enda Kenny spoke incredibly well, the best I have ever heard him, and then President Obama took the stage, and was truly magnificent. Inspiring. He has always been popular here anyway, but now..... he has won the hearts of our little nation completely. What a wonderful man.

On a sad note, my Dad's only sister, my Aunt, who has had Alzheimers for many years now, and has known nobody for the last 2 or 3, passed away this weekend. Her funeral is on Thursday, and sadly I am away for it, but having spoken to my cousin I feel we all said goodbye to her long ago. May she rest in peace.