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2011-05-11 a message from James

Well....just passin' through again.....Got back on Monday night from the UK....

yesterday was the day I had to write a column for next week's "Weekender", do my laundry, catch up with my neighbours on any local gossip, admire my fabulous Wisteria which at last has flowered on my front wall.... and today Car Tax, and repacking for going away tomorrow morning at 7am! Away until next Wednesday, back just in time for my niece's Confirmation (my second niece Sarah)...

I like that we have the great fan site, the Yahoo group, and now Facebook....!! And yes, while I don't do Facebook myself personally I love it for the CTs and Cheryls'.....
Must go....need to pack....need to make a healthy lunch. Photo shoot just around the corner for the album.
Love to each and every one of you!

For a photo of James' Wisteria see photo albums Pics by James Part 3