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2011-03-07 a message from James

I think this may be a brief reply...forgive me please, but we have been in studio (as you all know) for the last week or so, some nights until after midnight...

and tomorrow we are there again (Monday) to record the FINAL song for the album. Once the final vocals are down, then all that remains is for the orchestra to play on top of our vocals... and we are excited that we have a GREAT orchestra playing with us on this one....VERY exciting. I'd say we can reveal the name of the orchestra soon....
I know you heard quite a bit in the Shoutbox, and I think perhaps you have already learned a few of the songs which have made the final cut.... am I right? I gave hints before, and said about the "home" feel to it, and that the album is quite similar in feel to our very first album over a decade ago!! Sorry but "Home on the Range" is not there, neither is "Bring him home" though we love I think you all know which one has made it..... with home in the title... but perhaps there are more than just one song with 'home' in the title too!! (Oh I'm so cruel.....such a feeling of power...).
We have recorded 13 songs, but only 12 will make the final cut...that's up to the Record Company..... so then there will be disappointment. There is one COMPLETELY a capella, an arrangement I have done of a well-known Irish song.... of our dearest Club members...a lady beautiful both outside and in.... has in the past suggested songs to us, and they have made it on to albums.... and yes, I can reveal, she has done it again!! And we love the song... it will be great to perform...
Finally, Basil is at the moment in Kenya planning the next building trip.... we are starting a new project in the Lenana Slum.... a different slum to Kibera.... and of course Basil has to go and plan the whole thing.... AND the good news is that he says, considering everything, Samuel is looking well enough..... of course it's Kenya so we don't really know the full extent of his cancer, but he is at work and looking ok, and in good spirits..... so keep those prayers comin'...... Thank you all on his behalf, and on behalf of his family, and Cheryl's.....
Love to each and every one of you,

P.S.: Just thought people might like to see the poster for April 3rd in Sligo. It is such short notice but we hope we might get a hundred or so to come along. I have spent so much effort doing fund-raising for others, that my own fund-raising has taken a back seat and now I need to focus on that!
Anyway, people might be interested to see this....
(see pics by 3rd James album)