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2011-02-15 a message from James

Back from Hong Kong. Well that was a LONG way to go for one concert...

we were the entertainment for Hong Kong Football Club's 125th Anniversary, a very exclusive club in downtown Hong Kong. It seemed to go down very well anyway.... but just back overnight yesterday. Lying low today....
Anja, thanks for finding the Munster "Nessun Dorma" video on You Tube....I hadn't seen it... kinda cool that someone recorded it.
Thanks for all the lovely warm Valentine's wishes from so many of you... and Moni, how was your first Valentine with your anonymous new man in your life?? Come on, we need news Moni... details please! SO happy you are happy Moni, I hope it is going well, and he is treating you well... if he is not.... he will have me to answer to!!
Thanks also for all your good wishes for Samuel. I know he is at present in hospital, and because it's Kenya, there are mixed reports as to his health and the progress of his treatments. Many mixed reports, but we will try to keep you updated. Hopefully they have got it in time, and he will be able to be around for a good while yet, to see his dreams realised for his own children and for Cheryl's Children of course. The CD has been mastered and Colm Henry is doing the artwork for it, and so we hope it won't be long til it's made, and ready for sale... that will surely be a lovely moment for Samuel to witness, Cheryl's first ever CD! Kinda cool, eh?
As to our own CD, there seems to be a running theme to it, a theme of "Home"...! There are one or two titles with "home" in the title. And the songs are almost without exception VERY positive in their lyrics.... probably 12 songs will make the final cut. I think you all probably know at least TWO of the songs on the list, don't you? They have been in the set for a little while now? (One of them perhaps doesn't have an entirely all together positive lyric!).
Linda and Gary, great news about Elijah James! And what great biblical names! Please send my congratulations to all.
Now I must go back to the piano, and do some preparation!
Love to each and every one of you, and a belated Happy Valentine's Day to you all too!