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2011-02-06 a message from James

Just a little email to keep in touch.....

We'll be out of contact for this week pretty much, as tonight I have a Kenya fundraiser...not just for Cheryl's, but also for the new project in the Lenana Slum, beginning this year. Looks like we'll be mostly there this time... Tonight's concert has been organised by Gillian Johnston, a teacher in Dundalk Grammar School, who was in my Junior Infants class at Sligo Model School, and in my class right up until age 12 or so.... have you got a good mental image of me, Basil and Gillian at age 3 and 4? Tonight's concert is in a beautiful little Church of Irleand in Drogheda called St Peter's. Beautiful acoustic. There are MANY people involved, including Dundalk Grammar School Senior and Junior Choirs and orchestra, and also selected soloists...including our own Intoxicating Celt! It should be a lovely evening.... but of course in the back of our minds will be the fact that Samuel has received devestating news in the last week or so. We received the email a few days ago to let us know of his cancer, and to be honest I simply can't get my head around it...I can't think about it too much. I am devestated, and very angry.... and can't even begin to think what his wife Grace and their kids must be going through, to say nothing of his extended Cheryl's family. He knows EACH and every one of those children and they were each saved by him from horrific futures, and given a second chance at life. I have no doubt that no matter what happens his work will go on...and I know I am even more determined to continue on, but I just wonder why one SO GOOD has been struck down at the age of 45, with so much left to do. I have been thinking of some of the older kids in Cheryl's who have been inspired by him...Ziporah, James, older Kevin, Dominic and ALL the others... and then those familiar names we have heard in here...
Joseph, Kevin , Patrick, Collins, Mercy, Maureen, Nancy, Churchill, Chico, and all the many others.... and his staff.... it is all just to hard to take on board at the moment....

My faith is not great at the moment, but I am sending Samuel positive vibes and love, as many are.... but please pray for him, and keep him in your thoughts. He is a good man, and is much needed. His work on this earth is by no means complete. He has great vision for the future.

Tomorrow we are in the recording studio all day, and all day Tuesday and Wednesday. The tracklist is complete, and we even have some basic templates of most of the songs down. Then on Thursday we fly to Hong Kong for a corporate concert. (We had one in Dublin on Friday). Corporates don't make it onto our online diary...or recording...or rehearsing! But we have kind of never been busier....

Loads of love to each and every one of you, and spare a thought for Samuel!