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2011-01-17 a message from James

Just a very brief little response to keep in touch with you all....

Lovely crisp and SUNNY day in Wicklow today... the sort of day I can see my breath when I was walking into town this morning.... lovely!
HUGE thanks to you all for your support and also lovely comments about Claire's calendars. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! And to those of you who gave your services free to send them know who you even bigger virtual hug. Claire has raised the money for her trip by just doing the calendars. About a quarter of the money pays for her flights&VERY BASIC accommodation&the other sizeable part (three-quarters) pays for the building materials. A brand new project will be started in a different slum this year. She is SO GRATEFUL for all the support. Now I have to focus my energies on raising money for my building trip. My last building trip I think...I'm too old... but DEFINITELY not my last trip to Kenya to do music etc etc. That will be ongoing as long as I have breath in my lungs...
Also the Children's CD is musically complete.  The artwork has been designed by Colm (Henry) and now we just need to make the CDs!
And the Celtic Tenors CD...the tracklist is as follows.... Ah no I'm only joking.... I'm sure you can guess a few of the songs... but there'll also be QUITE a few new ones to our repertoire....we are rehearsing three days this week, trying to get the shortlist shorter!!
Thank you also for thinking of me with all these deaths, and funerals etc. Goodness me....
And Heather I am sorry if news of Donna dragged up memories of your dear sister... sorry!  I visited the cremation plot of my friend Fionnuala on Saturday with her Mum and sister and her niece/god-daughter.... now her death is very real...
Anyway.... such is life, eh? Love to each and every single one of you, and THANK YOU ALL!