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2010-04-25 Dalkey

reviewed by Ali

All in an April evening

Ok, not all. I missed the shout box. but I was at a great concert in Dalkey! I saw that the VIP/VIT was Matthew.

As Maeve already mentioned, the first song was `All in the April evening' by Maeve, James, Ken Shellard (bass and organist of Dalkey's St. Patrick's) and Margaret Wainwright (soprano, but she sang alto for tonight).

Followed by `All I ask of you' by Maeve and James. Lovely song. Heard James sang before (guess you know&), but besides a few lines on the Kenya clips never heard Maeve singing. Loved to hear her.

Then a solo by Maeve: `I dreamt I dwelt'. Can't remember if I heard it before. Lovely song.

Time for `Granada'. James had to do it all alone. No other Celtic Tenors available. Can assure you that he did very well!

`Nella fantasia' by Maeve and James. Different as I am `used' to the CT versions , but great duet.

Jack & Mac, announced on the flyer as `that witty duo'. From where I was seated and because my English isn't that good, I couldn't follow it all. Later I spoke with some people who really appreciated their performances.

Then poems (Touched by an angel) beautifully recited by Gianna Nordon.

St. Patrick's Children sang `Whispering hope'. Think we all know that song. The children did a great job!
They did too at the 'Inchworm'. Supported by Maeve and James. You must have seen it on YouTube by Cheryl's Children. If not& here is the link again &

After that there was a slide show about Cheryl's Children's Home and Kenya Build with an explanation by James. The photos showed what difference the Kenya Build Group makes. And it may be a drop in the ocean: these drops change life and future of many children! Think Maeve will let us know what kind of drop this evening was. Pretty sure that she is not going to tell how much time SHE spent to organize this evening. Believe me, she did a lot of work. So, chapeau, Maeve!!! I know that you got help from a lot of people, but it was YOU who had to organize the biggest part.

The last one before the interval was `Ave Maria' by Maeve and James. Very known and meaning of lot to many of us, I think.

Interval with free tea and coffee and raffle ticket selling.
Prizes were:
Walk on parts for two people on Fair City
2 tickets for Celtic Tenor Christmas concert
Bottle of Middleton Whiskey
Aloe Vera beauty products
2 bottles wine.

Of course I bought tickets. Winning a ticket for The CT Christmas concert would be a good reason to go to Ireland again! Didn't win anything, but actually Cheryl's Children did! And that is what is important.

After the interval the Wesley Chamber Choir started singing. They too did a good job!

Then it was time for Maeve and Jack with `I remembered it well'. Someone said it was the Alzheimer duet! Lovely acting too. Whished you could have seen it.

Then James sang `You raise me up'. Again without Matthew and Daryl. No worries James, you did this one very well too.

Time for Jack & Mac again.

Helen Norton did the talking between the songs. She is an actress at the Abbey
Theatre and does film and TV too. For instance now in Ireland's main TV soap opera - "Fair City". She did a scene from `Shirley Valentine'. She did it very well indeed. Lovely lady by the way.

St. Patrick's Children again with `Galway girl'. Never heard of that one before, but loved it.
Followed by `Bare necessities', again earlier sang by Cheryl's Children ( ) with Maeve and James. James ate ants again! The children responded great. Well done, children!

A solo by Maeve again. `Poor wandering one'. Never heard that one before either. Think I have to listen to more than our Celtic Tenors ;-)

Then one of my absolute favorites of this evening: The `Cat duet'. Think most of us heard that duet once, but this performance was really great. Ever seen a desperate (maybe even suicidal) cat?&or a lovely purring one? I did tonight! Wow, James and Maeve, you are fabulous! For this one too: whished you could have seen it.

The final song was `The holy city'. At this moment I really don't know what to say about that. Accompanied by a choir at the end of such a show. Maybe you can imagine?

Like to have much more of such April evenings, but I think it will be this one for a long time.
Maeve, let me know if you are going to plan another April Evening. I'll be there!

I chatted with several people and they all loved the show.

Colm, as usual, did a great job. We all know he always does, but we (I) don't always mention it. Sorry for that, Colm. By the way, it was a pleasure to meet your parents. Lovely, hearty people.

Love from a (very) privileged Ali