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2010-03-06 Park City, UT

reviewed by Kris

The CTs performed in the Eccles Center for the Performing Arts in Park City, Utah. This is a fairly large venue that is attached to the local high school. It also functions as one of the main stages for the Sundance Film Festival each year. It seats just over 1,200. One of the workers there told me that the concert was a near sell-out, but, unfortunately, I think the draw of nearly a foot of fresh powder on the ski slopes was too much for this resort town - there were some pockets of empty seats throughout the venue. Those that didn't use their tickets had no idea what they were missing!

My group of seven came to the concert from Salt Lake City, a drive of 30-45 minutes depending on the traffic. I had brought three newbies to the show - my mom & dad (from Wyoming) and my friend Kathleen - and three who had gone with me to see the lads in Oregon a couple of years ago - Sonia, Tim, and my buddy August, who is 6 (Okay, 6 1/2 - you know how that "1/2" is so important at that age. At my age, not so much.). We had seats in the center of the 4th row, which turned out to be perfect.

I neglected to take notes until after the intermission, but I think I remembered everything the CTs sang, which I've put on a song list. A great mix of selections. I heard several people comment on how varied the program was and how much they enjoyed everything.

A few random thoughts about the concert:

- I was amazed that the altitude didn't seem to affect the tenors very much. After all, they came from Ireland (basically sea level) on Friday and on Saturday, they were singing at 7,000 ft! James said later that there were times he could tell they were that high up. But, believe me, the audience couldn't tell at all.

- When introducing themselves, they talked a bit about the last time they were in Utah when they came to St. George in southern Utah nearly 3 years ago. They mentioned that this was the furthest north in Utah they had been.

- I really enjoyed listening to both Daryl and James accompanying themselves on the piano. Both are excellent players. I also liked hearing Daryl on the guitar. Very talented young men they all are!

- Colm's piano playing is amazing. He makes it all look so easy! My mom kept raving about how well Colm did on "The Holy City." She said he made it look so easy, and it isn't - she's had to play it a number of times. During the intermission, we all discussed how much we liked listening to Colm. I mentioned that the one song I'd love to hear him play was "Granada." Well, to start the second half of the show, Colm came out and started playing - "Granada!" WOW!

- The CTs performed "Shenendoah" a capella and without microphones. This happens to be one of my dad's favorite songs and he absolutely loved it. It was his favorite of the night, and he said it's the best he's ever heard.

- Don't worry, Matthew, very few people realized you mixed up the verses to "Wanted Man!"

- Before "Whiskey in the Jar" James gave us a shout-out (thanks, James!) and then dedicated the song to August. And they made August "Captain Farrell" in the song. August was really shy, but he loved it.

- During "Time to Say Goodbye" when they came down into the audience to present roses, Matthew climbed over two rows of (empty) seats since there is no center aisle in the venue. Good thing he has such long legs!

- We had a very special treat for the first encore. Graham Russell (from Air Supply) and his wife were at the concert, since they live in the area. So, the CTs convinced him to come and sing "All Out of Love" with them. It was FABULOUS! His voice hasn't changed a bit in the 30 years since that song was #1 on the charts. And it was amazing to hear (and see) him play Daryl's right-handed guitar left handed! Before they started the song, Graham told the story of how they happened to work together in the first place and he mentioned that Air Supply has a new CD coming out with a song on it that they do with the Celtic Tenors (other than "All Out of Love"). Oh, and Graham is REALLY tall (6'5"). James said later that he felt like a leprechaun next to him.

- Meeting/talking with the guys after the show was a highlight for many people there. I know my friend Kathleen loved having them talk to her and making her feel important. The guys were awesome with August. They all talked to him, getting down next to him to talk on his level and wanting to have their pictures taken with him. August loved every minute of it, although he's so shy and reserved the tenors probably didn't realize how much he enjoyed it (but he's talked of nothing else since then!). August especially liked meeting and talking to Colm. I think it's because August is taking piano lessons right now and he saw how good Colm is at the piano. August wants to be just like Colm. And all the guys were really patient when August took their pictures. August is very deliberate about things like that and the guys would stand posing for a long time while August got the shot set to just how he wanted it. Thanks James, Matthew, Daryl, & Colm - you made August's night!

All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful concert. I'm glad I could bring some new fans to hear how great the Celtic Tenors are. And fans they are - everyone in my group wants to know when we get to see them again. Hope it's soon!

Song List (in no particular order for the first half):

I'll Tell Me Ma
You Raise Me Up
Star of the County Down
Girl (Daryl solo)
Funiculi Funicula
The Holy City
Silent Sunshine
Ag Croist an Siol
Remember Me


If I Fell
The Dimming of the Day
Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Come What May (James solo)
Wanted Man
Fearless Love (Matthew dedicated this to his wife)
The Mad Lady and Me
Danny Boy
Whiskey in the Jar (Dedicated to August)
Time to Say Goodbye

All Out of Love (with Graham Russell)
Nessum Dorma