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2010-03-10 Foxborough

reviewd by Betty

Wendy and I attended the concert last night in Foxborough, MA. It was at the same venue as the concert we went to in December. The lads commented about being back so soon, but I didnt mind. I would love to be able to attend a concert every 3 months. This was a very different concert with mostly Irish songs because of St. Patricks Day next week, but there were songs from all of their CDs and some I had not heard them perform in concert before. There were even some new ones. As usual, it was an excellent concert.

The song list is as follows:
"Piano introduction by Colm  Remember Me (I am glad that Colm did a solo. He did a great job and showed off his tremendous talent. I wouldnt mind if he did a classical piece sometime that really demonstrated his abilities.)
"Ill Tell Me Ma (with Daryl on guitar)
"The Town I Loved So Well (This was the first time I had heard them sing this song, and I loved their version! I hope they record it someday.)
"Finnegans Wake (Im glad they explain this song because it is so fast I dont understand all the words.)
"Ag Croist an Siol (a cappella)
"Fionnghuala (a cappella and sung right after the previous song without a break)
"The Holy City (Beautiful!)
"Funiculi, Funicula (The audience joined in on the chorus.)
"Brown-eyed Girl (Daryls solo while playing the piano. I have not seen Daryl play the piano before, and he did a wonderful job. I am glad each of the lads sang a solo.)
"Silence of Night (I have not heard this song before, and I am not sure this is the correct title. It was written by Yusuf/Cat Stevens)
"Hard Times (with Daryl on guitar)
"Lay Down Sally (This song sounds very sexy and sultry on the CD in my opinion, but the lads sang it as if they were drunk. It was hilarious. Some of their expressions were priceless! James went down into the audience section and was flirting with a lady in the audience. She was flirting back! She even kissed him on the cheek. Daryl and Matthew were very amused by it.)
"Remember Me (I never get tired of this song.)

"Spanish Lady/Maries Wedding (more flirting by James)
"Anthem (from Chess) (Great job!)
"If I Fell (This old Beatles song was a surprise, but I liked it.)
"Dimming of the Day (Love this song!)
"You Aint Goin Nowhere (The party song with Daryl on guitar again. I love the whistling! They had the audience join them for the whistling.)
"Come What May (This was James solo, and he played the piano as well. He sounded better than on the CD in my opinion.)
"The Mad Lady and Me (This song is new to me. Daryl played the guitar.)
"The Contender (This was Matthews solo, and he did a great job! Daryl and James sang backup.)
"The Fields of Athenry (This song was dedicated to Wendy and me. We were thrilled! I love this song!James told me later that they almost dedicated "The Mad Lady and Me" to us instead. I'm glad they didn't.)
"Whiskey in the Jar (Matthew messed up the clapping again with the audience. I think he does it on purpose since it is too much of a coincidence that it happened 2 concerts in a row.)
"Caledonia (one of my favorites)
"Danny Boy (a cappella  this was the best I have heard them sing this song.)
"Time to Say Goodbye (I would like for them to record this song as well.)

"Irish Rover (Most of the audience did not seem to want a second encore, with 2 notable exceptions!)

There was the usual Meet and Greet after the concert, but there were fewer people who stayed than usual. I guess everyone wanted to get home. When we left, the lads were trying to decide whether to go to the movie theater next door and which movie to see. It was up to James to make the decision, and I dont know what they finally did.

I learned that Matthew plays the guitar also, and I suggested that he and Daryl do a duet sometime (a la Dueling Banjos). We shall see&.

All in all, it was a great evening. I am looking forward to the next one. Three months from now would be June. That would be a good time to come back or any time this summer. The weather would be warm. How about it, guys?

I have not seen the new PBS show listed on the schedule for my local PBS station, and it was not listed in Daryls e-mail, but I will keep looking.

I am looking forward to reading the reviews from the upcoming concerts on their tour. I hope someone in the group is attending each of them.

Think Spring!