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2010-12 Irish Tour "Home for Christmas"

reviewed by Ali

This tour was named 'Home for Christmas'. Thought it was not suitable to use that in the subject line;-)

As James already wrote, I was at several concerts in Ireland. 5 to be precise. Now trying to review&

And His Lordship (it was good to see you after such a long time, John) didn't send a review (yet). Such a pity as we always love to read his reviews, don't we?

Fortunately no problems to reach Dublin. The Dutch weather forecast warned for bad weather from Thursday, so no problem at all.
First concert in Dublin was not really a problem. Ok, a lot of sidewalks were slippery, but most roads were ok.

After a lovely diner with great table-companions, it was time to go to The Academy (instead of The Olympia). We already were a bit late for the best seats (first row), but Heike and Axel were already there and asked Beate to tell me that they `reserved' a seat for me.

Set list was (as usual) pretty much the same for all 5 concerts I attended. What surprised me was that the guys didn't sing a Cork song in Cork etc. That was what they did last year.

Funiculí Funiculá
I am always inclined to turn my head to see where they are pointing to.
Nella Fantasia
I know that it isn't a Christmas song, but isn't it suitable for this time of the year?
Spanish lady
Always reminds me of the DVD where Matthew is so cute when he was `wrong'.
Love it from the time I heard it for the first time (two years ago). Guess we all downloaded the Christmas CD and we all heard this song now. Isn't it great?
Away in a manger
Mille Cherubini
How lucky are Matthews children when he sings this for them before they go to sleep?
Joy to the world
Wonderful arrangement
Finnegan's wake
Glad they sing the `proper' version.
Hard times
As Matthew says: a rain dance
Lay down Sally
Loved the song from the beginning. Now it is growing more and more funny.
Twice a special Sally: Cork had a very willing Sally (as Matthew said) and Matthew acted more. Loved that.
The Galway Sally was drinking while James sang to her! Not sure what that meant. Afterwards she seemed to enjoy that she was Sally.
Remember me


2 songs by the choir
The holy city
No need to say anything more than I already did before.
Ave Maria
Love the song, and sung by our guys&
You ain't going nowhere
Writing this, it is like a special song for me. The guys mentioned the fact that they were stuck at an airport. Fortunately I am in a lovely hotel in Dublin, but&also stuck.
Dimming of the day
Tried to hold my tears back, but that is almost impossible. It touches me and I think it always will...The lyrics are great and the guy's voices&
I'll tell me ma
Wexford Carol
I have different versions of this song. This arrangement is absolutely great.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas
White Christmas
Who in Ireland, or where else in Europe, wants a white Christmas? We had enough snow I guess.
All out of love
During the silence Matthew is left alone on stage reluctantly and sadly starts singing `I'm all out of love'. Then James and after him Daryl appears again. Sometimes it takes a while before the others show up.

Oh, holy night (with choir)
Adeste fideles (with choir)
Nessum dorma
Not sure how many times I already was in the choir.

Time flies&and that is so true when you are at a CT concert.

After a lovely diner with great table-companions, it was time to go to The Academy (instead of The Olympia). We already were a bit late for the best seats (first row), but Heike and Axel were already there and asked Beate to tell me that they `reserved' a seat for me.

Here I heard and met Colm for the first time. He IS talented and besides that a nice guy (ok, I admit: adorable).
It was a big surprise to see Brian again. Maybe next time he can be announced somehow? For the next Dutch tour maybe?
Guess I don't have to say that it was fabulous to hear and see our tenors again.
The choir was: John Scottus School Choir.

>From Dublin to Castlebar was a piece of cake for me as Heike and Axel invited me to drive with them.
>From our hotel we could reach, through the car park, the venue. Loved that. Didn't need a coat.

Most venues didn't have a cloakroom. And in several venues you could take something to drink or eat inside. Actually we did here in Castlebar as we didn't finish our wine before the beginning.
The audience was very small, but fortunately valuing.
I know that such a small audience must be hard for the guys. Especially when you know that several people were there to see choir members.
Nevertheless they performed like it was for the best sold-out venue ever.
The choir was:: The Castlebar Gospel Choir and Eureka

>From Castlebar to Limerick was like a trip around the world. I knew on beforehand that it would take (over 4) hours to get there by train, but when I planned the trip, I didn't really count with the weather. When I left Castlebar, there was about 7 cm of snow. In the train I heard so many people talking about the impossibility to travel by car. Even cabs didn't drive anymore.
I had to change in Portarlington and was surprised. No snow at all. Same in Limerick, though everyone was warning me for the coming snow on the 18th.
The choir was: Ard Scoil Mhuire & Glenstal Abbey SC.

I made some (illegal) photos of the choir. Not for myself, but for a lady next to me. Her daughter was in the choir. I'll post some photos later. Must be home to be able to do ;-)
Some students did the CD selling. I was there with them during the interval. Thought it might help as I probably could tell a bit more than the students. Maybe I was too enthusiast. A lady asked me if I was a part of the crew or related to the CT's . After I told her that I am not, she said that she was going to buy. She just wanted to be sure that it was not just PR-talking.

>From Limerick to Cork was pretty easy. Did that trip before and just one change.
The weather in Cork was not too bad. Just slippery here and there.
The choir in Cork was: City of Cork Male Voice Choir

>From Cork to Galway was a longer trip. Had to go back to Limerick! And from there to Galway. Here also slippery footpaths.
Those who listened to the radio broadcast heard Daryl saying that he got a phone call at about 00.30 to leave Galway.
I didn't wait to find out if the forecast was right or wrong and left Galway sooner than I originally planned.

It was a small audience here. A boy was seated next to me. We chatted. When I asked him if he knew The Celtic Tenors, he answered proudly: "My dad is going to sing with them tonight." He had reasons to be proud. The choir (Galway Gospel Choir) was very good.

Due to the different choirs, I met a lot of people that never heard of the Celtic Tenors before. They attended a concert just for one or more choir members. Most of them told me afterwards that they enjoyed the show and some of them even said that they became a CT fan!

I'm glad that I was able to attend 5 concerts an looking forward to the Dutch tour.