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2010-08 BAC & Milwaukee

reviewed by Pat

Better late . . . how do you describe a magical weekend heartwarming, bittersweet, exhilarating, foot stomping, hand clapping and I could go on. I don't post often but wanted to share with the fan club a little of the sheer magic that was our weekend.

It started Thursday night at the Beverly Arts Center (thank you to Linda and Gary for the magnificent review and allowing us to share the front row with you) when James, Matthew, Daryl and Colm were brilliant despite jet lag, a late night in Chicago, followed by a 2 hour drive to Milwaukee and an 8:30 a.m. soundcheck in Milwaukee. James's solo dedicated to Linda's parents 62nd anniversary was something I'll always remember. I had never seen him play piano and it was clear to everyone that his tribute was "from the heart".

It was our pleasure to introduce our friend Laurielei to the Celtic Tenors (she has been playing the No Boundaries CD since Thursday night)and she is one of the "new", very enthusiastic people the Celtic Tenors can count as "one of theirs". I had written the complete song list from Thursday night, carefully stored it in my purse only to find that as a result of the torrential rains in Milwaukee on Friday night, the song list is now a set of smudges on what used to be a piece of paper -- oh well. Thursday night for me was Night 1 of 3 as my sisters and myself were off to Milwaukee for Irish Fest on Friday.

The Celtic Tenors were scheduled to perform at 10:00 p.m. in Milwaukee on Friday night. As mentioned, around 7:30-8:00 the skies opened and just about everyone who was at Irish Fest got drenched in about 5 seconds -- the rain and wind combination was that strong. Nonetheless, the crowd was very enthusiastic and appreciative and the show was a combination of extraordinary vocal and musical talent with a little fun sprinkled in. I have to say, while I completely enjoy all of the song selections during each show, Remember Me is my sentimental favorite. It always brings tears to my eyes. The four gentleman bring a level of emotion and intensity to the story that is always beautiful and is completely appreciated by the audience (warranting a standing ovation each night).

Saturday night's performance in Milwaukee was very different from the song selection on Friday night. The crowd was large and enthusiastic -- significantly larger than Friday as Saturday weather was much more conducive to enjoying outdoor concerts.

Bittersweet because we had to wish Colm Henry farewell -- my very best wishes Colm -- and may all your dreams come true. It has been a delight to meet you at the various venues over the last couple of years and you will be missed.

Meeting Linda and Gary was wonderful -- and great to see Maggie Mae, Sue and Emily again. Tom Tully -- sorry we missed you at the BAC.

To James, Matthew, Daryl ... thank you for being ever gracious, sharing your talent and putting 1000% into every performance. . . counting the days til we see you at the Paramount Theater in Aurora IL in March, 2011.

My best to everyone -- Pat

P.S. My only regret was missing our Tenors singing in choir robes with Scythian -- when I saw Karen last night and she was sharing the experience with me it sounded like such fun "go" guys.

Add-on from the Administrators - here are soome videos to enjoy on youtube: