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2010-08 BAC & Milwaukee - Fantastic Tenors

reviewed by Karen

I know, I know, I'm slow reporting in! Linda and I left Milwaukee at 4:30am Monday morning, so that I could make it to work by 7:30am. Linda was the smarter one of us as she took the day off (too bad she had to get up early)!

Anyway, I apologize for letting work take over, and my not reporting in sooner!

First, I'll say the whole weekend was a blast!! It all started Thursday night at the BAC. It was my very first time meeting Linda and Gary, and Linda's parents. I enjoyed the little bit of time we were able to spend togehter very much, and was quite honored to be able to share the front row with them! Hopefully we will be able to keep in contact! I saw Maggie Mae first and rushed right over to give her a big sqoosh! I'm sorry to not have seen Tom Tully, as I had hoped we would at least get to say hello! We were able to see Sue and Emily this weekend as well, always a pure pleasure!

James, Matthew, Daryl, and our beloved Colm were wonderful this whole weekend!

Linda, Gary, and Pat's reviews were so eloquently written, you can visualize everything and feel as though you were there.

Unfortunately, I am like Tom and Maggie Mae - I process everything I see and hear, and do not keep track of the songs.

You've heard how everyone got wet on Friday due to the heavy rains, but Saturday was glorious (a very small and quick shower in the afternoon)!

Sunday's performance was perfection indeed! I agree with Maggie Mae, I just love the Dutchmen. This is a song I've not heard, and when James, Matthew, and Daryl sing it, it sends chills up my spine. A very emotional and lovely song! They also performed the Holy Song which I think is quite lovely. Everyone on stage and in the audience were having a magnificent time! The Guys ended the performance with "All Out of Love" and James refers to it as their cheesy song. Everyone had such a good time while singing, and the audience just loved it! Our Celtic Tenors then had a surprise in store for us - as you've seen they performed with Scythian, and they were having so much fun! You Guys are good sports, and everyone had fun watching you do a wonderful job in the choir!

A HUGE thank you to James, Matthew, and Daryl for a wonderful weekend of sharing your talented gorgeous voices and for filling each and every one of us with such happiness and magic! Also, thank you for taking the time after each concert to say hello to everyone! I realize you are most likely exhausted, however you always, always reach out to us and give so freely of yourselves!

To Colm - you have been very gracious to us all as well, and of course your playing is beautiful! I've said it already, but it needs saying again, best of luck to you in your new journey, and may you always remember you have friends no matter where you go!

I know everyone here experiences the same magic each time they see the Tenors and everyone can relate that we are always anticipating the next time we will be able to see them again. For us, it will be in March, and I thank you and appreciate you coming back to the area so quickly!

Everyone, please take care, and counting down the days until we see you again!