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2010-06-12 a message from James

Forgive the delay please, but I have been to the other side of the world and back within 48 hours...26 hours of flying within 48 hours!

We were doing a showcase in Singapore! As you can see from our Dates, we are BUSY....VERY busy indeed over the next 12 months or more... but the Far East has been untouched by the Celtic Tenors pretty much, and Tim thought we ought to go and sing to these people at the Showcase.

I had been to Singapore in 1997 to sing in Britten's "Midsummer Nights Dream" with Singapore Lyric Opera and Singapore Symphony Orchestra... see the photo on my personal website if you was a FUN role... I loved it! A nice review too...but not been back there really since (once briefly). I was there when Diana died, and heard it as it happened, as it's
8 hours ahead over there. So I always remember where I was when she died...listening to the morning news in my hotel room, before rehearsal. I spent almost 5 weeks there, so I kinda know it intimately.

Anyway, the Showcase went well... we did well...good reaction...but sadly there were not so many people at it! (or at the Conference)...But if we get even one concert out of it, that'll be good, eh? I would love to see Japan.
And I've only been briefly to China, Malaysia and Thailand. But as I said we are busy anyway!!!

I have added quite a few new dates to the site recently... PA, RI, etc etc... and all the Kenyan dates too...who knows...maybe one or two of you might make it to one of those, but let us know if you are...because Kenya is not like every other would need to be well organised... OK?
Be warned. Let me know...

I hope ALL of you are well.
As always, love to each and every single one of you...