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2010-05-30 a message from James

Well normally I am away for the Eurovision, and I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a full Eurovision from start to finish... but neighbours invited me across for a Eurovision party...!!

I was told that Azerbaijan and Germany were the Bookies' favourites!
My own Top 4 were Belgium, Denmark, Germany and Iceland, and I would have been happy for any of those 4 to win. There some other fun, and pretty songs, and the usual drivel...

Niamh, who had won for Ireland in 1993, was good, but not really good enough overall to win. But it was fine. Not sure about her dress perhaps...

Hopefully nobody from down-under will read this...but... (actually I have already let him know separately)...the UK were appalling. Song was ok, singer not bad, but the backing vocals were SO OUT OF TUNE...When they listen back they will cringe like we did...

Ireland came third last...didn't think we were that bad...

The UK were last, and actually...I am not surprised. Because of the tuning on the night...Aaaaggggghhhh, poor singers. reason for writing is - WELL DONE GERMANY! For WINNING the 55th Eurovision Song Contest! Not surprised really...she was kinda sweet, even if she sounded kinda Cockney and Amercian mix...

Sorry Netherlands didn't make it to the Final...maybe next year!

Love to you all,