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2010-05-11 a message from James

Hi Everyone! Keeping in touch....


hoping of course that each and every one of you are in good health and happy...


We, as you know, are at present doing some dates around Ireland. Normally we just do our Christmas tour (and the dates for the 2010 Christmas tour will soon be added to our site)...but we thought we would do some regional venues for a change too... and while they have had lovely reactions, it is the first sign of recession we have seen I think...the crowds have been small, BUT appreciative!


Lovely to have seen some of you at the dates along the way. It'll be lovely to see a sea of familiar faces in Chicago in August...


Happy Mother's Day (slightly belated) to all Mothers in here...and all those who adored their mothers me. 


Interesting to hear the reaction to some of our new songs (and of course the "Cat Duet" in the Kenya concert, which seems to have gone down very well...nobody mentioned the fact that after Maeve spat at me, I sprayed her!?!). We love "Feels like home"...hope you all will too...


"The Dutchman" is very poignant, especially for anyone who has elderly relations, who may be a little senile, or may have Alzheimers (like my Dad's only sister). It is a beautiful song...hope it makes it onto the next album.


Love to each and every one of you!