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2010-05-03 a message from James

Spring-cleaning! Well, spring is in the air in County Wicklow!

Blue skies, not a cloud in the air, and sunny and warm...and Bank Holiday Monday.

Going for a big walk shortly, and then back to continue to spring-clean! Already I have filled two LARGE refuse sacks with clothes and brought them down to the Clothes Bank (the clothes go to Africa, and I have too many to wait til our next Kenyan trip in June/July, and not enough baggage allowance!!)... 54 shirts, 48 T-shirts, 9 jumpers /sweaters, 5 black suits and much more, now clog up the Clothes Bank in my village, and I'm not finished. I used to have a rule that if I had not worn the clothes in 3 years I should get rid of them, and pass them on....well some of these clothes haven't been worn for way more than that...

AND...I am on a health regime... walking daily, eating healthily, and taken up swimming again (Yippee!) it's all good at the moment. Long may it continue. When next you see me, any of you, just tell me "Wow James, I think you have trimmed up a little!"....(even if you don't see it). On Friday and yesterday (Sunday), I swam 80 lengths of crawl (that's laps for you Heather!)... 64 lengths is a mile. 80 is a kilometre.
I may even do some weeding/gardeing today...

The Dutch dates that were mentioned are correct, and there may be TWO more, to be confirmed!

Ali and Moni, lovely to have seen you recently...Moni doesn't seem to have told you all that the poor lady got SOAKED en route to St Patrick's in Dalkey...but she seemed to enjoy the evening anyway...and I am glad both of you saw the slide show, as well as the concert. (Seems to be no mention of the two new songs in the CT set?). Thanks both for coming, and huge thanks to Beate for helping out so much again. That was great. As Maeve has indicated, it went very well, and raised quite a bit. Cheryl's is almost finished being built...all the accommodation, classrooms (last two are being finished at the moment), office, kitchen, Activity Room/Dining Room/Church, outside toliet block for day-pupils etc etc. So the next plan is to raise money and build a SECONDARY school...and they almost have enough to buy the land...Ambitious plans indeed, but about 50 acres, to build a whole complex. But if the richer Kenyan kids can be brought in to pay fees, then the orphans can recieve free education... a good plan we think...

Anyway, must go...lots to do...
Love to each and every one of you!

add-on: PS.... Re-read my reply
OOOPS... my Maths was never very good...
64 lengths is a mile....of a 25 metre pool.
But 80 of course is TWO kilometres... much more impressive!
James x