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2010-04-14 a message from James

Glad some of you have managed to see "The Holy City" on the Late Late.

We think the choir are very good. All from memory always. And LOVELY people too, including Anita, their conductor who made a few appearances on the show too...And now someone has added the excerpt to You Tube, which is kinda cool, as otherwise it would disappear from the RTE website in a month.
(link: )

With regards my narcissus/narcissii, my sister Linda and her family have always had daffodills and narcissii just planted in the grass around the farm, and it looks lovely, so when I bought my little cottage, I decided to buy loads of bulbs in Marks and Spencer and just put them under my apple trees and they come up every year faithfully. When they die, I just mow the lawn and they come up again next year.

It is funny to hear the word 'yard' here Heather... it has a different meaning this side of the pond I think. We had a back yard at home, but it was an old farmyard, and that is the only use here for yard...but anything with grass here I think is a garden or a field. There are indeed sheep, lambs at the moment, and cattle in the neighbouring fields. It is VERY rural here. On one occasion a little lamb got into my garden in Spring...but luckily I had some mint sauce in the fridge (I'M JOKING!!)... I was able to corner him and guide him gently back into his field to his Mommy. He did very little damage while in my garden... he was too petrified I think.
Anyway, that's it...

Hope you are all well.
Love to each and every one of you,