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2010-04-06 a message from James

Just arrived back at my lil' cottage in Wicklow...and the daffodills are at last peering out nervously, wondering if it's safe to fully bloom.

My Narcissii have been out a while now underneath my apple trees in my back garden, and look very quaint indeed...
Thanks to SO many of you for lovely warm St Patrick's Day blessings, and more recently for many Easter wishes also.... You'll be sad to hear that I got very few eggs this Easter. Just two. Maybe people are trying to tell me something!
As you all know, Easter is a difficult time for me and our family, as it is 8 years now (hard to believe) since Mum died. But as we all know, life, somehow, goes on, eh?
Great that many of you have managed to see the PBS Special. That's more than I have managed to do. None of us has seen it yet! Or heard it. Looking forward to doing so. I think the idea this time was to do away with the huge resources and have it more up, close and personal - more representative of our normal show. Hopefully that has worked! Would love to have a copy of it myself...we are also trying to help those in Europe to acquire them...(I have spoken to Anja about this and hopefully it'll get sorted before too much longer).
Thanks for mentioning the Concert in Dalkey. I came up with the title, as there is a 4-part choir piece which I have always loved called "All in the April Evening". It is really beautiful, and we hope to start the concert with that. We are thrilled as well that a friend of mine from college years ago, called Helen Norton, who is a full-time working actress (also the Voice on Aer Lingus Trans-Atlantic flights!!) will be the MC for the night. I sang at Helen's Mum's funeral last year. Helen has worked in the Abbey Theatre several times, and in film, and at the moment is playing Vivienne in our soap opera on RTE TV "Fair City"!!
I can reveal that we will be on the Late Late Show this Friday also (April 9th), with the Munster Rugby Supporters Club Choir, singing "The Holy City". I doubt we will be interviewed (Just singing). I added a picture to our Gallery of the match last week.
Talk soon again...Love to each and every single one of you!