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2010-03-21 a message from James

Hi from Seattle! Hi Everyone! Just a little email to keep in touch. We are leaving for Yakima in half an hour, so this will be brief! Sorry.

All is going very well I think. We are having lovely crowds at our shows.
They seem to be happy enough with your tenors (and Colm of course).

Glad you got the postcard from Dubai...Colm wins on writing again, does he?
Is mine that bad?? But can I ask you all this? Who buys the card? Who stamps it? And whose idea is it? Hmmm? HA!!

Seems to quite the PBS buzz throughout the summary...glad some of you got to see it. I think the idea was to have it similar to the show we do most of the time...quite intimate, and small-scale...but very real. Hope that comes across.

The Air Supply song Kris mentioned is "Why?" which Graham wrote for his son's wedding. Not sure what album it is on...but Deirdre is on it with us too!

And the Cat Stephens/Yusuf song is "Silent Sunlight".

Have to go...the people of Yakima are calling....

Talk again...
Forgive the rush!
Love to each and every one of you,
James X