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2010-03-01 a message from James

Love from sunny Wicklow! Yes, it is sunny I am not going to drive to the supermarket...I am gonna walk! No reason not to... Beautiful outside...


My snowdrops are now in bloom beneath my apple trees, and there is another huge snowdrop clump beneath my front trellis, and my daffodills are nervously peering out from the grass, and will probably be in full bloom when I'm away...At least I got to see my snowdrops this year!


I can't believe we all sang that Dubai92 jingle...I was first and I assumed we had to do it in the same key and like a tenor...aaaggghhh, wish she hadn't chosen me to go first...And then poor Colm was bullied into singing it...but isn't his voice a revelation? Shouldn't he do some backing vocals sometime perhaps?


I am glad you seem to like the photos... We seemed a little formal in a lot of our previous pictures, so hence the more casual approach. We think it works... we hope. So far the reaction from you all has been great. Incidentally the beer was not my first choice of drink... but Prosecco just looks like wine... and cider doesn't have a head...! Beer would have been my third choice...


We have already done an 'in studio' bit with Maryland TV, so perhaps they'll use it again...not sure...

But thanks to SO many of you for sending the clips on to your friends... let's hope it works... It'd be REALLY great if you made comments on youtube (lovely positive ones!)... I have seen a few already thank you...Keep the comments coming and keep playing the clips please if you can, as the more hits we have...the more likely other stations are to pick up our TV Special. You could also of course write to your local PBS station and request our show now perhaps? Anyway...thank you ALL for EVERYTHING you have done thus far. It means so much.


With regards the camel, who someone described as "tall, dark and handsome" (?), or was that Matthew and Daryl... I have been on a camel before... (been there/done Tshirt)...but as Heather said someone had to take the picture.


And now I need some rocket to go with my Supervalu is calling...

Love to each and every one of you,