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2010-02-19 a message from James

We flew overnight from the UAE immediately after our final show in Abu Dhabi at Aloft Hotel (check it out...especially the pool!).

Our concert at Aloft started at 10pm yesterday evening, finished at 11.45...Meet&Greet for half an hour...10 minutes to pack, and fast cars to the airport where we had checked in online...arrived at airport at 12.55 and left at 2am! How about that? Impressed?

So we are all JUST back to our respective homes now...and after our 2 weeks of 30 degree constant heat and blazing heat, swimming, great food, open-air concerts etc... the first thing I did when I got in was to turn on my heating! And it'll remain on for some time I think....
"Salamu Alaykum" is "Hello/Peace be with you" in Arabic. And when someone says it to you...the response is "Alaykum Salam"...

I am glad you like the new picture....actually if I had a would be my 4th or 5th choice of drink!
Prosecco perhaps first choice, cider next perhaps, then white wine.... and maybe then beer! I have added a few more just now to our Gallery...
As well as some new 'official pics', I am enclosing two 'unofficial' ones with this.

Thanks for sending all those newspaper articles also.... interesting to read. I have been misquoted in the past, once VERY seriously (almost thought of taking it further...), but these are quite accurate articles. Thanks! And, yes, I am an ABBAholic and proud of it!

I am sure, but not certain of course, that other Canadian dates will follow...especially Ontario surely...maybe I ought to say something!

And now, I am going to do nothing for the rest of the day, although there is a double episode of my favourite soap on sad am I??

Love to each and every one of you, and thanks!